Strange Drinking Addiction

by Esther Cheok

I wasn’t exactly very stoked to receive the topic ‘drinking’ from the internet text randomizer. It was after deliberately squeezing out my brain juice in an attempt to think of something remotely interesting related about ‘drinking’ that I could write about, that I finally reached this topic: some really strange drinking addictions, and no, I’m not talking about alcohol here. Credits goes out to the series ‘My Strange Addiction’.


1) A vampire in real life

29 year old Michelle Navarette, has been downing pig’s blood since she was a teenager, and now says she would be in a sour mood without drinking blood for a day. She calculates that she has drunk a total of 1,000 gallons of blood since she first took up her habit ten years ago.

‘I drink it and I get energized,’ she mentioned in the video below.



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2) Addicted to urine

Carrie, a 53 year-old woman is addicted to drinking urine. But wait hold up, her addiction to urine is not only limited to drinking; she bathes in it, brushes her teeth in it, uses it as lotion and even believes it cures cancer.

“I drink almost all the urine that comes out of my body,” Carrie says in the video. “It tastes like water to me.”



3) Gasoline Girl

I’ll admit that I like the smell of gasoline. That’s alright. That’s fine. That’s chill. But what if I told you that there is a girl who likes the smell of gasoline so much that she eventually starts to drink it?

“It tingles at first and then it, it burns the back of my throat,’ 20 year-old Shannon says describing her toxic habit which reaches up to 12 teaspoons a day. ‘Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good,’ she says.


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