Anger – A New Source of Power

Written by: Reshna Reem Ganesan

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try you just end up getting disappointed? And of course there are those that hardly try and have everything falling onto their laps. This irks you even though the latter could be your dear and close friends. There are times where you just want to grab life by its neck (assuming it has a body) and strangle it for simply being grossly unfair to you!

Well, if you are reading this article do not expect it to be one laden with motivational tips on ways to embrace life, to get back out there and try harder because we have tons of YouTube videos of inspirational people that can give you that. I, however, am just going to give everyone out there who are considered “second class” – because they apparently did not try hard enough or were not as good as those who had everything fall into place for them – a REALITY CHECK!

So, you think you are not good enough because no matter what you embark on you come in last? Well, think again! This life we are trapped in is all about survival of the fittest. Just like animals we are fighting to survive and to be on top of the food chain to prove to others and ourselves that we are the best of the best. Do NOT let anyone distract you from your wants or needs. However, there are distractions that divert your attention and guess what – the minute you give in to those distractions you LOSE!!!

It’s alright to be distracted or even angry occasionally. I for one am easily distracted or angered. I was also a person without any goals because I kept thinking to myself “What’s the point? Someone else is going to just slack off and yet he/she is going to get whatever he/she wants given to him/her without trying.” The irony is such people perceive they are trying really hard when in fact they just have more options than some but they have never seen the way others have to struggle to get to where they want to or need to be.

Just recently I realised that if instead of looking up motivational quotes or watching YouTube videos of people who changed their life around because they believed in themselves (which is obviously the better choice), it would be better for me to use my anger and dissatisfaction to drive me to achieve what I want in life. I know that sounds wrong to get things done but it helps me get what I want. Do not use the anger you have to demotivate you or to destroy things or people around you. Use that energy expelled by your anger to DRIVE you to success.

I know that this article appears to be a motivational speech gone off course. As I have mentioned do not let these people, who you think do not put in as much effort as you in any endeavour, bring you down. The only person that can bring you down is YOURSELF! Do not let them think they have power over you because your fall becomes their fire and that is what drives them. If any of you have watched Suicide Squad maybe you remember a line the Joker said to Harley Quinn before she jumped into the chemical pots. He said, ‘Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power.” So, let the anger and dissatisfaction in you fuel your desire to become POWERFUL!

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