Sunway’s Got Talent 2018

Written By: Amal Hamizah and Issac Soong Yongyi
Edited By: Varshini Vijayakumar


On the 26th April 2018, Sunway Student Ambassadors (SSA) hosted Season 2 of Sunway’s Got Talent which is a talent show that showcases some of the many talents that Sunway students have. In the few weeks leading up to the events, SSA held auditions and a social media round to choose the finalists for the event. The chosen finalists also had a workshop at the MaxMillan’s Café with the judges of the event. People were waiting outside the Jeffrey Cheah Hall waiting for the event to begin.


Once everyone was seated, the VIPs made their entrance. The event began with a performance from the 24 Chinese Drums team and the Diabolo performers. Right after that, the event officially began.


The band Name Pending started the event with their upbeat performance. Tutti Vivace performed a mix of songs and Marcus Khoo (the next performer) demonstrated his beatboxing skills on stage.


The next performance was by Adrian and Noel, where one person played the piano and the other person sang a song. The audience was deeply impressed by their performance. Then, Christie gave a dance performance.

The event then took a short break. Wong Pui Ying, a performer from Sun Voice 2017 sang ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ while the audience waited for the lucky draw session. There were various lucky draw prizes such as tickets to Sunway Lagoon and a watch. Before proceeding to the next Sunway’s Got Talent finalists, Sunway University Cheerleading group gave a cheerleading performance.


The event continued with a solo singer, Wong Xin Yao who surprised the audience with her strong voice. The next performer, Arjun Thanaraju succeeded in entrancing everyone present in the room with his moving and emotional monologue on the story of his brother. Samantha Laura John entered the stage next, pulling everyone in with her strong vocal performance of ‘Never Enough’.


Hardbeat took the spotlight next, getting everyone hyped up with their powerful beatbox performance. The last but not least performance of the night was by Eric Lau Lofstedt who brought everyone’s attention to his martial arts movements. The performance received a huge applause from the audience before the voting session finally started.

Nur Shafiqa, the performer from Sunway’s Got Talent 2017 entertained the audiences with her singing before the audience was finally asked to vote for the winner of the night. After that, a band from Sunway University’s School of Arts, ‘The 7th Day’ kept the audience engaged with their joyful performance of variety of songs.

Another round of lucky draw session took place afterwards with even more grand and awaiting prizes such as RM500 vouchers, tickets to Legoland Johor, tickets to Dinner in The Sky Malaysia and finally, five tickets to Universal Studios Singapore.


The crowd waited in anticipation and finally after a few minutes, the judges announced the results of the event. The 1st runner-up was awarded to Eric Lau Lofstedt, the 2nd runner-up was awarded to Samantha Laura John and the beatboxing trio, Hardbeat was the Champion. Yong Wen Hui was crowned as the Top 20 Most Popular Finalists for the event.  The audience truly enjoyed the event and are looking forward to the next season of Sunway’s Got Talent even better event.


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