Run for Education (29th April 2018)

Written By Wai Wai
Edited By Varshini Vijayakumar


On the 29th April 2018, SUBS Concilium organized an event called Run for Education with the idea of creating awareness of “Education for All!” in Sunway campus. The registration fees for this event was RM30 per person. The participants received a shirt, a goodie bag filled with sponsored items and a certificate of participation in the run. The funds generated from the run were donated to Teach for Malaysia which is an organization striving to end inequality of education in Malaysia.

As a student pursuing one of the courses under Sunway University Business School (SUBS), the annual charity run organized by SUBS Student Concilium is an event that students look forward to every year. However, do not get me wrong! You do not need to be a SUBS student to participate in the run. The participants gathered at the field at 6:30am on Sunday. Although it was only 6.30am, the participants were full of energy and enthusiasm. After registering, participants were required to gather around the field for a warm up session to prepare themselves for the official flag off.


Participants moved to the starting line followed by the lead of emcee. The sound of the starting horn was then followed by the footsteps of runners. Along the way, the running pattern of everyone can be easily observed. There were people running with their earphones on, some people were running with their friends and some truly immersing themselves in the process.

There were two water stations and two checkpoints within the 6-km journey and facilitators were allocated throughout the route at each junction to ensure the safety of the participants. Once the runners cleared the first checkpoint, the running speed of the participants began to decline. Some people started walking trying to catch up with their breath but everyone still strived to do their best to return to the ending point.


After running through Sunway Quay, Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway Hotel and Pyramid, the factory areas and finally the shops (which was the last part of the route), participants were so happy to be back to university. A sense of joy was evident on the faces of the participants after they crossed the finishing line. People cheered, hugged and congratulated each other with joy on their faces.


While waiting for the closing ceremony, participants hung around the area in front of the field where sponsorship booths allocated. The event ended successfully with the performance and award ceremony. The first 150 males and females were rewards a medal upon arrival and top 3 were given a trophy. It was a meaningful Sunday morning full of memories to the Sunway-ians!

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