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By Alexandra Goh


We all love movies. Whether it is a nerve-wracking horror movie, or a colorful eye-popping musical film, all of them possess the same aspects. These include key elements such as actors, plot, screenplay, visuals, themes, audio, special effects and other miscellaneous details. Thus, have you ever wondered how your very own life would be like if it were portrayed as a movie? Or if everything in life, was generally morphed into a movie-like atmosphere?  

Well, let’s see. Firstly, there would be a certain structure to every event in life. A beginning, middle and end. Our lives would enfold in a single storyline, with some arcs entwining with others along the way. Major plot twists would also come along at almost every turn, adding more action and excitement to the usual boring daily routines. It can begin with a new whirlwind romance, or the return of a long-lost sibling, or even something that may be deemed as supernatural, like say a sudden alien invasion? (hey, it could happen!) Whatever it is, we would always bump into unpredictable occurrences with significant impacts on our lives, so yes, life would indeed be way more dramatic and hectic than it actually is in reality.  

Not to mention, what’s a movie without a great soundtrack? Music sets the mood of a scene, giving viewers an idea of the emotions that the characters are feeling. So, even during a normal everyday act such as driving to school, add a simple song such as “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers or an upbeat electronic song like “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, and your average morning routine would be transformed into a captivating build-up to a major scene, signaling the start of a new day with new surprises. Or during the occurrence of a tragic event, like the loss of a loved one, you would hear Adele’s powerful voice belting a heartbreaking song in the distance. As such, background music would thus play a constant role in the movie of your life, perfectly highlighting the atmosphere of any setting.

Another aspect to consider also includes the characters, both major and minor, who will emerge at different scenes and times. Of course, the main character in the movie would be you yourself, as you are the central focus of your own life story. Meanwhile, every other person would be playing a part in carrying the story along. These supporting characters would be there to build up and add more substance to the whole plot, or may even twist the entire story around by revealing unexpected details and personality aspects. Take for example, in the recently released horror film “Get Out” (note: spoiler alert!), where the girlfriend of the main protagonist was in fact, revealed later to be a remorseless psychopath and the main antagonist as well. (Let’s just hope that this doesn’t happen to any of us in real life.)

Last but certainly not least, every scene would be visually pleasant to the eye. These may include the extensive use of bursts of colors, superb lighting and aesthetically pleasing set designs. If ordinary life were to be illustrated through the eyes of a cinematographer, we would be seeing everyday happenings filtered in the most beautiful shades and tones. Try to visualize the stunningly-filmed scene of “A Lovely Night” from the jaw-dropping musical “La La Land”, where the gorgeous sunset colors blended with the dazzling view of the city, fore-fronted by the impressive choreographed movements displayed by both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. This is just one of many examples where simple locations like a park could be transformed so exquisitely, as long as one has the right color themes.  

The truth is, it isn’t a crime to envision life as a movie. The harsh reality of life often seems too ugly to be captured by a DSLR lens, but in actuality, life doesn’t stray far from movie-making. You’re not just the protagonist – you’re the director, the producer, the set designer, the musician behind the scenes. If you want music to hype you up on your drive to school, blast it on the stereo; if you want conflict resolution, take initiative to ensure that arc plays out. In fact, let your imagination run wild and roam free, live your life to the fullest and play out your scenes like you own them. After all, life is a beautiful mess. When the credits finally roll and the final act comes, you’re sure to achieve your own happily ever after.

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