Engraved Ink; Unuttered Rage

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Engraved Ink

At the end when the heartbeat stops
And the lifeline leaves the chest
I would have remembered to have left behind the words
Delicately penned
To wonder the soul yet to read my lines
Would have deciphered my mind

A writing dedicated to writers written by: Mugilaa Selvaraja


Unuttered Rage

“Life, is much more beautiful than we know.”
Preposterous, isn’t it?
The gifted sails
The wretched rise from beneath
And some with tattered courage sink like they never existed
It’s prosaic how the world functions
As we speak of karma and deeds, the bad still outweighs the good
The unappreciative own it all
The longing souls remain
To which exactly books and movies are venerated for
To bring the impossible out of life
Humanity and Love

Written by: Mugilaa Selvaraja

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