Written by Samantha Chang

Edited by Amal

On Friday the 16th of November 2018, Sunway University’s Student Council hosted Chill Out Friday – a cozy, fun-filled night for students to unwind before finals. Students gathered under fairy lights at the Lunchbox to mingle around, enjoy free food, and watch performances. Upon arrival, attendees were greeted by the sight of a pretty sign welcoming one and all.


The atmosphere was lively with chatter and rows of tables were filled up with students munching away at their food. The free food was snatched up quickly within the first half hour of the event. Students not only enjoyed each others’ company, but also a continuous stream of performances by singers and entertainers.

A row of attendees chatting merrily and watching the performers.

The first performance was a quick magic show by Loo Yee with card tricks; the magician amused the audience as he pulled up a few members of the audience to participate in his show. Subsequently, the performances that followed were talented duet and solo singers, such as Wen Yi and Kar Yee (from our very own Echo Media) and Chloe Low. The singers serenaded the audience in the background as conversation filled the air.

Picking out a volunteer to choose a card, which he will later magically guess correctly.
Wen Yi and Kar Yee (President and Treasurer of Echo!) singing “Havana”.
Low Kai Yue singing a mandarin ballad.

Thomas Chong took over the stage for the final performances. He performed various songs, such as cover of You Are The Reason originally sung by Calum Scott and Yellow by Coldplay. He made the performances more exciting by asking some of his friends from the crowd to sing along with him.

Thomas Chong performing a duet with his friend

There were mini games set-up around the corners of the room, such as “ping-pong tic tac toe” and a makeshift soda-can shooting range. Simple and secondary school-esque games like these evoked our nostalgia for more carefree days. The games also became an avenue to bond with new friends (which usually occurred after you won and lorded that over them, of course).

Ping-pong tic tac toe: the objective is to toss three ping pong balls in a row (like tic tac toe) into the cups before your partner does.
Upon losing this game, under no circumstances should you turn the toy gun on your friend and start taking it out on them. I certainly didn’t. Nope. Not once.

On the balcony outside, students were huddled around the console provided by GamesFusion. They definitely enjoyed it as much excited cheering could be heard from them. Games such as FIFA and Red Dead Redemption 2 were popular choices.

Students totally engrossed in the console provided by GamesFusion

Next to the console, students also gathered around a pool table and made light conversation as they played snooker.

A chill game of snooker on the balcony as the night came to a close

As its name implies, Chill Out Friday was a laid-back evening for friends to catch up and catch their breaths as the year comes to a close. The performances and games kept everyone entertained and engaged once the free food had finished. It was also a good opportunity to meet the people behind the event – our student representatives, who keep the wheels of our university turning smoothly. Overall, the event was simple and pleasant, and we hope that it there will be a round two soon!

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