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Misconceptions About Fast Food

From a young age, society has been exposed to the concept of fast food and the culture surrounding it. Often, the two main features of fast food that we hone in on is 1) convenience and, 2) cheapness. After all, who wants to cook after a long day of working? Or who wants to bring the family with energetic children into a restaurant and wait half an hour for food to arrive? Between a full meal of fries, burger and drink; or a single plate of one food at the same price – we’re bound to choose the option that offers variety in the meal. 

Today, however, despite the reputation living on, fast food is far from cheap, and sometimes, not very ‘fast’ either. So in this edition of Echo Eats I present to you: “fast food, and alternatives that are faster”. 

Sunway Esports Bondfire Meeting

On the 6th of march, the Sunway Esports Club held their monthly “Bondfire”, a meeting for all gamers of all genres, skill levels, and backgrounds to come together to share their passion for esports. 
Esports events are relatively new with the first-ever event happening only in 1972. With the rapid development of technology and the growth of the internet, the events saw a massive surge in popularity in recent years turning them into a billion-dollar industry with a viewership rivaling that of traditional sports. Esports are no doubt making their mark in our culture and Sunway is no exception. []