Myths and Legends Charades

September’s theme was Myths and Legends and so we decided to play a little game of charades. If you’ve seen the video, you must have known that our production somewhat struggled to act and guess the characters. The whole thing was a mess and team A was in the lead. However, team B made a great comeback. The way each member acted out each mythical creature was a total hectic situation, full with laughter and unexpected guesses. 

Here’s what the rest of the team had to say !

“When I first pitched the idea for a myths and legends gameshow I had no idea what I was really trying to pitch really. I was thinking the video would be something along the lines of a College Humor skit but it turned out to be an all around chaotic mess that I just enjoyed making with the gang.” – Garv (Director Guy/Host)

“I had like 2 bottle of soju with a friend so I’m drunk right now. But, yeah it was a fun video, I really like Garv’s narrative. Just gonna say though, Ryan’s team won out of pure speed, okay.., my team, we’re the superior team, we came back. Yeah, we should’ve won, , I’m sorry if like drunk me scares you guys, but i love you all so much. That’s my experience of shooting.” – Drunk Philix

“Everyone has heard of charades but acting out myths seems nearly impossible as proven in the video. However, through all the chaos, I found myself having one the best times of my life in Echo. We laughed a lot, bonded and overall just found out we’re all equally crazy and I think I speak for everyone when I say that the making of this video really brought us closer together.” – Philix

“Given such a niche theme, everyone really bonded over our lack of knowledge over it and it ended up being really fun since we were pushed out of our comfort zones.” – Supriya

“They were all really friendly and even if we are filming, it felt like a genuine hangout session where we all are just having fun with the charades.” – Leann

“It’s fun to meet new people and get to know them better, especially so for these bunch of weirdos. The bonds we made that day is definitely the true win in my opinion.” – Ryan

“I have very limited knowledge of the Greek mythology or Norse and whatever it was. I had to blindly guess during the game and at some points I had no idea of what was happening in front of me.” – Emily

“Despite lacking knowledge in the myths and legends theme, we still managed to pull through and it’s all thanks to the supporting team.” – Deena

Anyway, the overall experience was a blast, we got to bond with each other better and everything was a wonderful chaotic mess that we enjoyed making together as a team.

Click the YouTube icon below to watch the full video if you haven’t!!

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