October 2020 Videos

It’s the spooky month! We did an IGTV Halloween makeup showdown on our Instagram account and let the viewers decide on who’s makeup was the best by commenting for either Leann or Deena.

We also decided to play a game to test out each member’s level of fear tolerance. Some of them aren’t really quite a fan of horror and having them being a victim for this game is kinda fun to see. As they say, It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.  

Here’s what the rest of the team have to say about the game play !

“It was fun watching everyone scream in horror (mainly Philix). Even more so since I got to edit the video and could just watch it on replay” – Ryan

“The moment we heard these guys have watched a combined total of 4 or 5 horror movies in their 20 or so years of life, I knew we had to.” – Julia S.

“Send help please, these people are psychopaths! They forced me to play this horror game and it scarred me for life! Nonetheless, I had fun, apparently my screams are scarier than the game according to them and for the record, I screamed for content…. not because I’m scared or whatever. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go watch a Disney movie”  – Philix the Victim

“It was an intriguing experience overall. Definitely my first time with horror games, most probably my last.” – Supriya

“For starters, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of anything that has “horror” in it. Though Resident Evil is the newbie level of horror and it’s not that scary (thank god), but it’s still enough for me to say “that’s it I’M OUT” 

PS: THIS IS MY TOLERANCE LEVEL TOWARDS HORROR, don’t judge me horror lovers.” – Leann 

For Halloween, Leann and Deena also had a makeup showdown! Check it out and tell us who won!

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