Before the CMCO begun again for the third time (i guess), our video production members met up to film a spicy food challenge video. Putting in their blood, sweat and tears making this video happen, from the famous spicy samyang noodles to a spicy ‘nasi lemak’. 

Here’s what the other team has to say about the videos.

“I had no idea what was happening throughout the shoot. 11/10 very epic.” – Garv (Editor)

“I enjoyed eating the spicy ayam geprek and samyang noodles, i just love spicy foods even though i might not be able to handle it well (my butt definitely didn’t after that session). great part is that i finally got to meet up with the members, so yay!” – yuin

“To be completely honest, the Ayam Geprek isn’t as spicy as I thought. The Samyang noodle on the other hand, that was some next level heat. I nearly puked right then and there but it was still delicious though. I’m kinda tempted to try that again.” – Philix

” I usually like watching other people suffer with pain when they eat spicy food. Though I cringe every time knowing that their buttholes will not be okay after that. “- Emily

“the ayam geprek slaps so hard i’d eat the whole thing in one go (without drinking anything)” – Qistina

“Spicy challenge? More like spicy feast ” -Leann

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