As we step out of the season of Aquarius, let us dive into the dreamy, mystical, and otherworldly season of Pisces (February 19 – March 20). The Piscean’s symbol of two fishes swimming in opposite directions reflects the constant duality and division of their inner struggle between fantasy and reality. As the twelfth and final constellation in the zodiac, it is an amalgamation of the many characteristics of the prior eleven signs and the lessons they have learned. Hence, this is what makes these fishes so empathetic and compassionate compared to other creatures in the astrological cycle.

Pisces is a water sign, which is characterized by empathy and vast emotional capacity, as water is the element of our emotions. They are deep and complex individuals with high emotional intelligence, and this tends to make them feel everything very intensely. They are also extremely kind and generous in nature. They are selfless beings who are always willing to give and help others, without expecting anything in return. Their open heart allows them to see the best in people, as they are always accepting of others and are never quick to judge and criticize.

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, which is the celestial epitome of creativity and dreams. This makes them way more intuitive and artistically inclined than others and they are definitely not people who would typically do things mechanically or strictly by the book. They may even have the potential to inspire others and to change the world, making them visionary creatives and artists. Besides that, these cosmical fishes are escapists who can spend hours daydreaming, immersing and losing themselves in their bottomless wells of imagination. They deeply value these precious times where they spend their heads in the clouds as it is crucial for any of their intellectual or creative processes. 

Pisces also have the ability to adapt to new surroundings and people effortlessly. Their watery nature and traits that they have picked up from the other eleven astrological signs makes them almost like shapeshifters who can morph into the crowd and be in tune with the flow of the environment. From their amiable, gentle and positive nature, to their deep sense of kindness and compassion, they have a way about them that makes them easy going and likeable, making others immediately drawn towards them.

Pisces are known to have a great gut and intuition, which guides them well and helps them make creative or intellectual leaps that other people might not be able to see or consider. This is what makes them so esoteric and quite the enigma, leaving others intrigued with their elusive character. While the archetype of Pisces is centered around dreaminess and fluidity, they actually have a very sharp mind, a strong moral compass and a sense of right and wrong. Besides that, although these mysterious fishes may seem quiet, when they speak up, people listen and pay attention. It is often shocking when they voice out a firm analysis, because you will never see it coming and their feedback is always accurate in hindsight.

While their imaginative powers are unparalleled, causing them to live inside their fantasies so vividly, this may sometimes lead them astray from reality and neglect their daily responsibilities. In worse circumstances, they may even have a hard time distinguishing reality from their fantasies. Instead of addressing and confronting important problems in their lives, they tend to find comfort in these illusions as they give them an easy way out of difficult situations they are facing.

Other than that, Pisces can care too much and easily become overwhelmed by emotions because they are such empaths with immense sensitivity. They also find it difficult to assert their own boundaries, which may sometimes make them vulnerable to being taken advantage of when they find themselves hoping to lend a helping hand to people in unpredictable circumstances. They may also experience more burnouts than others as they constantly focus on the worries of others instead of their own. Sometimes, this water sign needs to swim away from the chaos that life brings, to take some time to breathe, recharge their batteries and get their thoughts in order.

  1. Love and Relationships

Pisces are the most devoted and committed lovers in all of the astrological signs. Deep down in their hearts, they know that they are hopeless romantics. They are charming and they know how to make their partner feel special. They are very loyal, gentle and unequivocally generous to their significant other. Their sensitivity to others makes them caring and tender lovers, who are willing to go above and beyond for their partner in order to fulfill their needs while even neglecting their own. 

They are passionate lovers who strongly desire deep and meaningful relationships and have a need to feel a real connection with their partner. However, while they crave companionship, they may be afraid of putting themselves out there as they have insecurities and fears of being rejected. Besides that, their boundless minds that pulsate with imagination can cause them to easily fall into unrealistic thought patterns and ideals about their partner or relationship. They may also often find themselves falling hard and heads over heels for the wrong person for them.

It may be quite difficult to get to know a Pisces and they need a lot of patience as they need time and space to work on their own feelings. Some partners may believe that they are being distant, but they may just be basking in their own inner world created by their minds. Pisces are also so deep and complex that they can be eternally alluring, even after years of being together with them. 

They also tend to naturally feel the pain of their partner, and sometimes seem to understand their partner more than they do themselves. Thus, their feelings are easily hurt when they hear criticism from those that they love, which can leave a very deep wound in their hearts. Pisces will always have respect for their partners who uphold honesty and sincerity as they highly value them in a relationship. They would rather hear the truth even when it is hard, instead of feeding them sugar-coated lies.

  1. Friendships and Family

People born under the Pisces sign have an extremely positive spirit which radiates light to others. They are also able to achieve the best emotional relationship with other beings and have a way of bringing out the best in people that are around them. They tend to spend their time with those who they trust and matter most to them. They do not waste a second trying to maintain superficial friendships, but instead channel their energy towards nurturing meaningful and substantial connections with people. 

As these underwater creatures are natural healers, there is no better friend’s shoulder to cry on than theirs. The combination of their empathy, imagination and wisdom allows them to give the best advice and makes their perspectives highly sought after. They can be the best friends that may exist and because of their generous nature, they often put the needs of their friends to the forefront and try their best to help alleviate or resolve their friends’ problems, without the slightest inclination to judge.

Pisces are also very family-oriented and are highly emotional and sentimental towards their loved ones. They are able to give relentless support and nurture to them. They are always encouraging family and friends in everything they do, which sparks confidence and optimism within them. Being deeply intuitive, they can always sense if something is wrong, even before it happens. They are just as fiercely loyal, devoted and compassionate when their loved ones are facing difficulties and problems. Reciprocally, they also need nurturing friends and family who will give them encouragement and reminders as communication from the people they care about is important to them.

  1. Career and Finance

Claiming the visionary title of the zodiac wheel, Pisces tend to do well in artistic fields and humanitarian fields. Being individuals who are intuitive and dreamy, they feel and express themselves best where they are able to utilize their creative talents and skills. Other than that, their acclaimed empathy for others also equips them well for careers in civil services, particularly when it comes to advocating for the less fortunate. They hold onto the need to make changes in the lives of others and society at large; and being of service to humanity can be very cathartic for them. They strongly believe in whatever they do, therefore, they are willing to go the extra mile and break boundaries, which can make them inspirational figures to others as well.

They are also very people-oriented and desire support and encouragement from the environment around them in order for them to express their innate creativity. Thus, they may feel lethargic when they are stuck with mundane tasks of a job, leaving them easily mentally exhausted and unproductive.

While Piscean individuals do not necessarily enjoy leadership positions and are not excessively obsessed with ambition, they do have qualities of a good team leader and are perfectly capable of doing well in their chosen careers. A Piscean boss will always make their team feel cherished and ensure the welfare of their employees as they are compassionate at their core.

Pisces also do not view money as their principal source of motivation. Instead of seeing it as their main goal, it is more of a by-product and token of appreciation for their efforts in what they do. They usually focus more on their dreams and will try to make sufficient money to achieve them. Furthermore, they prefer having a sense of belonging, getting appreciation for their work and having the opportunity to serve people. In terms of spending habits, they have tendencies to either overspend with little thought or they can become quite stingy with their money on the other hand. 

Pisces may also have a chance to experience several different career paths in their lifetime in virtue of their adaptability and versatility. They may not allow one job to tie them down as pursuing a radically different passion on the side is not a peculiar consideration to them at all. Unlike people who may feel hindered by their work identity, Pisceans and their fluid capacity to change and shapeshift allows them to transform and pursue different pathways that many others may not have the ability and courage to do so.

By: Lynn Hor

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