From Memories to Mysteries: A Collection of Poems

( If I… ) 

By: Sheryl

Inspired by true events: Lessons of a heartbreak

If I could

I would turn back time

Back where love was non-existent between us 

Back where we were strangers


If I could

I would change the past

Miss out the step that made us met 

Back where we were strangers


Only If I could


Love has changed us Love has hurt us


We’ve grew up stronger 

Grew wiser


When the nights fall in

Thoughts come back like a boomerang

All you wish is that you never had or never threw


If I could

I would freeze time Let it stop on the dot 

Before it’s too late


Light up a candle

Make A wish

“Wish you never appear” 

But somehow you are here


You know you would never get him back

But it’s the memories that are flashing back 

The wound becomes a scar

The memory that will be marked on you forever


However, I thank him

To open my eyes on how cruel 

This world can be.

Till We Meet Again

By: Lynn Hor

A poem of sorrow and treasured memories. This goes out to anyone who is wandering, who is grieving over the loss of loved ones and people who were close to your hearts.

I was too far beyond the horizon to reach you

before you hear the faint whisper from above it’s time to go”

a strange emptiness sinking between these valves of cerulean blue 

when every bold print of you was taken away from me


fluorescent lights haunt as wild cascades descend

when i’m left alone with the silence in the room

another round of combat with growing pains 

that creep in with each treacherous new moon


but I rest in your comfort when you visit, if only in my dreams

where you tell me stories of what was and futures of how to be

longing for more conversations that should’ve been 

but I know that there’s nothing we’ll be able to recreate anymore


I’ll reminisce the halcyon days of yore

where you’ve filled my life with the taste of sweet and savoury

I’ll hold onto your lessons and love in my heart

where you’ve taught me that even some flowers bloom in adversity


you’ve gone past the bridge where i cannot follow

but the memories of you are not ephemeral

I know that every star is embroidered with your smile 

and your voice woven into every gentle breeze


this is not farewell

for you are alive in my mind

I’ll carry every quintessential piece of you with me

till we meet again, at the eternal gates of the Silver City.

M . O . M 

By: Sheryl

This poem is inspired by The Conjuring where the kids are being haunted by demonic activities. The kids look normal on the outside but before they sleep- the demons come out to play.

“Hey Mom, I think there’s a monster under my bed” 

Who opened the tunnel that led you here 

The shadows that appear right there 

“What is your purpose coming here” 

“Just leave me alone” I screamed in fear

But the image stays there, without a muscle moved 

It stands and observed from there 

Quickly hovering the blanket over my head 

The only protection I have on my bed 

Wood creaking, the image seems closer 

Shivering in fear, a cold sweat I can feel 

A large wind with an echo behind 

Is my mother standing behind all this while

Mother O Mighty, please protect me 

From the night with Monsters under me. 

The Witness is Here

By: Julia Rosalyn

Inspired by classical literature regarding Melmoth the Wanderer, this poem tells the tale of the Witness, an unnamed entity who carries out retribution for the sins of humanity. Perpetually watching, it reminds us that no sin ever truly goes unseen.

Shards of breath pierces his skin,

A crippling cold trails his steps,

As he paces along the cobbled paths,

His courage turns into a swift flinch.


Hush, for she is here,

Rustling silk that invades his vision,

All Light yields to this conqueror of Dark,

Who bears the broken world on her back,

And treads its crimson path.


“A sin for a sin”, she whispers,

With all the knowledge of temptation,

Oh, but she watched him falter,

Drudged by the fear of oblivion.


She has wandered through treacherous lands,

A witness destined for damnation,

What is a mere man but an ally of vice?

A reprise of many before him,

Doomed from reaching salvation.


That breathless face preludes with a smile,

As her desire sinks into his desperation,

He grasps her hand of assurance,

And at once, the deal is struck.


As the gleam in his eyes fades,

His soul begins to succumb from whence he came,

Back into the ashes of which he had once burned,

A scarlet flame to complement the stain on his hands,

As voices echo the sins he once prevailed.

To Our Graves

By: Lynn Hor

A murder mystery inspired by Taylor Swift’s sixth track on the album Evermore — “no body, no crime” (feat. HAIM). This poem follows her song in an imaginative take on Taylor’s part in a true crime story, with Este Haim as the center of a missing persons case after finding out that her husband was having an affair.

new tire treads and a newfound flame

who dwells in his home and sleeps in her sheets

the devil’s always in the details for a mere stranger

but they were no match for a fellow sinner like me


routine and ingenuity, with bleach as a friend

in mastering the art of concealing walls

justice for her reclaimed with these bare hands

 leaving no trace or scent, as summer melted into fall


the man was made a missing person

with no witness or trail to call for his demise

a closed casket, she decided in hasty fashion

misty was the night, but none were in our eyes


false alibis and a dash of luck on our side

the good work of detectives and cops derailed

a timely misdirection sent from above, no less

when all the fingers pointed to her paper green-filled bags


but all the scarlet threads lead to an impasse

for the great writ of habeas corpus prevails

a story of disloyalty left untold

yet the grand mystery remains unsolved


winter has come, as we sip on champagne bliss

for his lonely body dwells in his newfound home

sleeping with stratums, twenty feet below the frozen waves

a bittersweet secret we will be taking to our graves.

From our writers Lynn Hor, Sheryl and Julia Rosalyn

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