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Welcome, dear readers, aspiring entrepreneurs and fellow shopaholics. Undoubtedly this pandemic has opened a multiverse of online platforms to catch up with favourite brands and hottest trends. Outlets at one’s fingertips is an understatement for what entrepreneurs have to offer is far more greater than what meets the eye. The same could be said for the instant spur of Malaysian online brands that are garnering attention for both quality and singularity. 

As Malaysians, it is a cultural norm to always believe the grass is greener on the other side. While renowned brands abroad never fail to charm the global market, do await to be surprised by the milestone Malaysia’s very own homegrown brands have hybridized especially during the pandemic. Incorporating both trends and culture in products, these urban brands might have surpassed expectations and broken stereotypical barriers as potential consumer favourites of the season. 

Hence, Sunway Echo Media is willing to support and share some Malaysian urban brands online with our readers following a thread of articles. The first thread starting with this article will be on the typical fashion industry. But of course, designed and fully established by local stars offering products as top notch as on a silver platter. 

Back to the basics of fashion, it’s time to spruce up that sleeping wardrobe. As the new norm kicks in with physical meetings booting, the chance to look chic while showcasing that aesthetic personality that was previously stuck at home, is now. 

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is an expression worthy in regards to the coming end of this year and to prepare ahead for the upcoming new year. Reality attacks on time but fret not, Echo’s got your backs. 

Here to showcase some of Malaysia’s most well-known celebrities and social media influencers who have established their own fashion brands through blogging, content production, or showbiz before discovering an entrepreneurial drive to build something concrete of their own. To name a few, discover the endeavor of Neelofa, Jane Chuck and NANA. Their names are well known.  Now their style is for sale too. 

  1. Motherchuckers

Motherchuckers is a gender-neutral fashion brand that promotes self-love and positivity via its apparel. Motherchuckers, the sister line of the eponymous skincare brand Chuck’s, is well-known for its comfortable jumpers, T-shirts, and sweat sets. Founded by the blogger turned social media influencer Jane Lau, also known as Jane Chuck, the brand mirrors Jane’s personal loungewear style and sporty aesthetic. 

Website | Instagram 

  1. Ghostboy

Ghostboy Club is a Kuala Lumpur-based design label known for its distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces that can be recognised from a mile away. The brand was inspired by the phantasmagoric imagery and psychedelic colours of the French animator René Laloux‘s 1973 sci-fi fantasy classic Fantastic Planet. Founded by the creative duo David Han and Cyi Cheng, the brand is dedicated to honouring and reviving their most important source of inspiration – contemporary youth culture. Ghostboy’s works pay tribute to those who consider the irregular as their regular, and they do it with ideals based on ethical production and a desire to disrupt normativity in the process. Before arriving at the full-fledged collection that we see here today, the duo presented cult designs ranging from one-shouldered tanks and baby tees to double-loop Qipao tops (Qipao is a traditional Chinese designed dress that translates directly to “banner dress”). Their latest collection “Portal To Another Planet” features high-waisted biker shorts and asymmetrical bodysuits.

Website | Instagram

  1. Lola Gown

Lola Gown provides a range of beautiful gowns from all over the globe and some unique in-house designs that are not available anywhere else. Founded by the blogger and fashion enthusiast, Law Na Na, also known as NANA and Isabelle Lee in 2017. The brand’s goal is to provide women the flexibility of choices when it comes to renting a beautiful gown. The duo believes that, in light of the fast-growing on-demand revolution that is spreading swiftly across the globe, sharing luxury dress for one-time events is a more intelligent and environmentally responsible alternative than purchasing and disposing of designer clothing.

Website | Instagram

  1. Naelofar

A Muslim wear empire by Malaysian actress, television presenter, commercial model and at present entrepreneur, Noor Neelofa Mohd alias Neelofa. Initially, she launched a hijab-only shop (head scarfs) and has made huge strides by expanding into handbags and cosmetics ever since. The hijabs sold are typically of higher quality and aimed at a more affluent demographic. If one is seeking for high-end hijabs with exceptional quality, the competition has virtually nothing to offer in comparison to the Naelofar collection. Naelofar currently offers its items at its main shop as well as through a network of 700 wholesalers around Malaysia alone. They also sell online and ship to any location on the planet. As beheld, Naeolfar aspires to be a worldwide brand, with distributors in Singapore, Brunei, London, Australia, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Website | Instagram | Shopee Store | Telegram

  1. Bila Bila

Loungewear has become a timely sensation as the concept of working at home got the upper hand of the everyday lifestyle. ‘Bila bila’ in Malay language that simply means whenever or anytime is a creative name that fits the brand’s idea of creating garments that can be worn at any time and are of high quality to last a lifetime. Their latest collection ‘The Weekender’ is like a collection of poems that celebrate the cool, quiet, and soothing qualities of daily existence. Overall, Bila Bila offers something that makes one feel loved and protected for the best.

Website | Instagram

Written by: Jamie and Yuangqi

Edited by: Maki

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