By Haikal

Swiftly, you broke me,

Into pieces, my body,

My heart, in two,

Fragments, swept through.

Dangerous for innocence,

To play with nonsense.

I lost the game of true love,

And you laughed, from above.

Why were you hurting me?

Senselessly, with glee,

I took it all with grace,

My darkness, in space.

But now I’ve broken free,

Not again will you trap me.

My cracks, exposed, seen,

But my mind, clear, clean.


By Saoussan 

We have been taught that the more stars we collect,

The brighter we shine.

Creeks seek to become rivers,

Whispers dream of turning into storms. 

Great constellations are given names,

Immortalised by tales spun of gold, 

Figments of man’s imagination. 

Coaxing crackling embers,

Awestruck as she bursts, spectacular.

Consuming entire forests alone,

In her wake a destruction

Ultimately her own. 

After all, we were never told 

That burning stars become black holes. 

If we took a moment to

Stop as the world spins ‘round, 

And watch the colours streak by

In that still quiet, insignificant.

Perhaps what we find in the dewy grass,

Glass beads reflect a body of love

As you stare into a face that is worthy alone. 


By Haikal

Make it rain,

Let the water flow.

As I sit here in pain,

The nothingness I know.

Familiar as it is,

The youth slips away

From my eyes, divine.

Intervention won’t help,

My aging shows its signs.


It’s a funny thing.

I’d never thought prior,

The way it would sting.

It gave me meaning

Once upon a time,

The thoughts had me leaning.

The lap of luxury, sublime

Until it strips you,

Ripped from everything,

Delusion, come through,

Worthless, it sings

And then I turned the shower off.

By: Haikal and Saoussan

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