What comes to mind when we hear the word prom? For many, the word conjures thoughts of dressing in fancy suits and ties, or elegant dresses that dazzle the gorgeous hotel ballroom. Others think of the delicacies served at tables where friends can converse and indulge in the merry ambience that looms in the air. 

On the first of July, all these fantasies and wonders were made into reality when the student council of Sunway’s Pre-U programme: Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY), hosted a prom night in honor of their graduating students. 

The prom was hosted at the PJ Hilton Crystal Ballroom, a room of true beauty that screamed the word ‘GLAMOR’ to anyone attending. Awe-striking chandeliers hung above the tables, adorned with candles, flowers, and much more.

              PJ Hilton Crystal Ballroom Chandeliers

The prom kicked off with a heartwarming speech from the student council president Wesley, who reminisced over the past few months spent with the rest of the students in their last semester in MUFY. This was followed by a video showcasing the student council’s activities and memories made, condensed into a sentimental slideshow. It was quite a sight to behold- nearly a  6 months of adventure summarized to showcase what must have been an incredible journey. 

Once the heavy emotions were dealt with, food was served. A delicious variety of foods were spread out, from pasta and veggies to sweet and sour chicken and chicken curry. What came after was a pleasant time of chit-chat while the guests enjoyed their food. 

Attendees were then serenaded by multiple performances, some from current MUFY students, and others from the Alumni. The performances resonated with the guests, who lit-up their phone torches and waved them to the beat of the music. The variety of performances (from interpretive dancing to singing duos)  earned  applause and love from the audience. 

Performers Rachel Chua (Left) and Yunqi singing Joji’s “Glimpse of us”

A short break then commenced, where many visited the event’s photo booth to take professionally-shot photos with unique props for the scrapbooks. Desert was also served, with different cakes providing a sweet tinge to the  attendees’ taste buds. 

Soon after, it was time for a few special events. A lucky draw with many great prizes, such as vouchers for restaurants, saw a few lucky participants waltzing up onto stage to collect their rewards from the president. Right after that, it was time to announce the winners of the awards for Best Dressed and the most-awaited Prom King and Queen. The decision was made by popular vote, letting every attendee name their favored champion.

After a short while, it was time to reveal the votes, however in a turn of events the award of Prom King and Queen were awarded to the event’s emcees (Meekal and Amanda), which caused a minute of confusion as the stunned winners were contemplating on what to say. They then, thanked the crowd and humbly accepted their crowns with cheers and praises from the crowd.

Prom Queen & King (middle) being crowned 

Before the event was concluded, it was time for the one thing many anticipate when  thinking of a prom, dancing. A fairytale-like slow dance based on High School musical started the waltz session. However, the real fun began when the music changed to a more electronic, dubstep style. This saw the room turn into a party, where everyone began energetically jumping to the beat of the songs as they had the time of their lives. This would go on for about 15 minutes, though many would confess it magically felt longer. 

All in all, the prom was an enchanting night full of wonder and joy. It was a nice final event for the MUFY student council and the rest of the students to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Written By: Matthew

Edited by: Poorani

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