Memory: A Poem Compilation

summer’s end

By Haikal

From afar I watched

You drive away from me

Crying, yet parched

My skin near the sea

The hot summer air

Fading, its ember

From the sky’s cold stare

A detector of September

Coming in due time

Seasons on this island

The wind bells chime

Leaves browning in the highland

Where memories, made

From our curiosity

Exploring the shade

The forest’s animosity

It’ll all have to wait

For when the summer brings

You back here, soul mate

Pulling on heartstrings

from inside a lone box under the sea

By Jia Xuan

Forgetfulness is a curse,

It creeps up on you or if it feels like it, pounces on you unaware.

It’s difficult to disperse,

But you need to live with it.

I was once a sailor,

The sea was my home and lover.

The stars were the music that sang me to sleep,

With their glacial celestial notes.

Yet now I’ve forgotten,

How the wind bites and cries and sings,

How the waves leap and dance and play,

How the sun falls low and rises bright in the winter solstice.

How have I forgotten?

How could I forget?

The sea is my home and only manner of kin.

Yet my mind remains empty,

And my head a hollow place.

I can only hear the sound of wild beasts,

Howling day and night against the door.

Pounding at the walls, begging me to let them in.

But how could I, for I have forgotten what sunlight looks like?

I don’t recall what they call that sharp-beaked beast with a coat of chainmail,

The one that lives in the sea,

Do you?

I can’t remember what it means to live.

Where my heart once was is now a dark cavity.

The stars are dim and yet that howling right next to me,

Ceaseless, evermore.

What is this place, and where could I be?


By Haikal


I’m only a text away

You say, but distance

Separates, my dismay

Dreams are for pursuing

Sure, but it just hurts

Our relationship undoing

The strings break

Free, grip losing

Veering on heartache

I am not budging

Stationary, holding

You back, they’re judging

Me for not cutting

This, but I don’t want

Us to be off-putting

I just miss you

Too much, I fear

You’d give up on me too

among the falling stars

By Jia Xuan

Memory is a curse,

It steals its way into your mind, whispers poison and cries madness at you.

It clings on you wherever you go, 

But here we are, unable to shake it away.

I was once the man in the moon,

With the gardens of stardust, pools of sunlight, 

And spectral birds made from the fabric of space under my command.

The planets dance a waltz so gentle,

The falling stars sing their everlasting lament,

The sun burns and pleads and cries.

How can a place so silent be so full of noise?

How can a place so lonely be so full of pain?

I know the moon once sang in reply to the star’s curious queries,

I know the sun once laughed and was full of joy,

I know all the while the planets danced their gentle waltz,

And all these things exist in my mind.

When did it begin?

How did it begin?

The days and nights became one,

The sun stopped burning,

The moon lost its shine,

And the stars, the stars,

Crashing and burning all around me,

While the planets continue their waltz.

I saw it all.

I heard it all.

The human beings screaming below,

Crying for help that would never come.

The voices in the distance,

So far away,

Never to be seen,

Never to be heard,

The darkness, the noise, the silence.

And they who say silence has its own noise,

Has never been more right.

In the midst of the end,

The screams ceased,

And the burning galaxy lay dark,

The only light being created from that of the dying stars.

In the sun’s last breaths,

I heard so much,

I see so much.

And now here I am,

When Death has led all those in this galaxy,

To the world beyond it,

Here amongst the ever falling stars.

And I hear,

I see,

I remember,

While the planets gently waltz on.


By: Haikal

Months and years go by

Day cycling with night

Never ever will I cry

Loving you with all my might

The purest kind of soul

The light shining on you

Through the lands we stroll

Looking at the amazing view

But good comes to an end

Eventually you pass away

A tragedy I can’t mend

An inevitability that will stay

However sad it is

Lasting memories prevail

The good times I will miss

A world with a strong gale

Nothing will ever waiver

My love for you mother

I offer you my prayer

As you meet your creator

Written by: Haikal and Jia Xuan

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