We Asked ChatGPT for Life Advices

Fun fact: chatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (you’re welcome!) 

ChatGPT has become one of student’s best study tools ever since its launch in November 2022. It all started with asking chatGPT study and work related questions, but humans are born creative – there’s a trend where people ask chatGPT personal or hilarious questions, and echo has officially joined the group chat! (yes we have fear of missing out) 

In this video, we have Crystal and Yun Jing asking chatGPT life advices. It’s fascinating to see how chatGPT generates answers almost instantly, but are they all worth listening to? While enjoying Crystal’s and Yun Jing’s cute and burning interaction, let’s see what they have to share about the advices provided. It may be debatable whether chatGPT gives more pros or cons, so our take on this is that – use it wisely and moderately.

No matter if you have used chatGPT before, or if you’re a complete newbie like Crystal, this video is definitely worth watching! What are you waiting for? Go grab your favourite snacks and enjoy the video on our youtube channel today! 

Written by: Chiang Ru

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