Birthdate: 25th December

Course: Marketing

3 things they do a lot: singing, watching YouTube videos, dancing

Hobby that defines them: writing

Favourite Album: likes old music, anything by ABBA

Favourite Film: Memoirs of a Geisha

Favourite Famous Person: Reese Witherspoon cause she’s bubbly

One of their goals: to be a good writer

Additional Stuff: “Christine is a storyteller who loves to create unique ways of capturing audience through her writing and speaking.


Birthdate: 6th November

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: pen palling, drawing, studying

Hobby that defines them: bullet journalling

Favourite Album: Speak Yourself by BTS

Favourite Film: The Sun is also a Star

Favourite Famous Person: BTS 

One of their goals: being satisfied with the choices she makes and not boasting about her unachieved goals

Additional Stuff: “Do you, be you because you are still you when tomorrow arrives. ig @ nivhyashanthiniraj


Birthdate: 5th October

Course: Actuarial Sciences

3 things they do a lot: writing, baking and looking after plants (only 1 hasn’t died on her yet, but she loves the hobby)

Hobby that defines them: writing

Favourite Album: at the moment, “Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino” by Arctic Monkeys

Favourite Film: Gone Girl

Favourite Famous Person: Benedict Cumberbatch maybe? She doesn’t really idolize anyone

One of their goals: getting an offer to write instead of chasing the offer