Birthdate: 1st July 1999

Course: Psychology

3 things they do a lot: painting, baking, watching Netflix

Hobby that defines them: painting

Favourite Album: Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

Favourite Film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favourite Famous Person: Audrey Hepburn

One of their goals: to be the best version of herself

Ng Chia Huey

Birthdate: 20th June 2003

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: drawing, sleeping, complaining about everything

Hobby that defines them: drawing, yet she spends more time complaining about it than actually doing it

Favourite Album: AM by Arctic Monkeys or Death of a Bachelor by Panic!@TheDisco

Favourite Film: Leon The Professional, Spy Kids 2

Favourite Famous Person: John Mulaney is the funniest man 

One of their goals: wants to make people around her happy

Additional Stuff: ig @ ngchiahuey i barely post so you know my content is good quality and highly curated. none of that was true but i do sometimes post and am occasionally funny.

Li Ting

Birthdate: 23rd June

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: sleeping, procrastinating, self-deprecating, on a daily basis

Hobby that defines them: reading, designing and writing

Favourite Album: Melodrama by Lorde

Favourite Film: Tune In For Love

Favourite Famous Person: IU and Kim Go-Eun

One of their goals: to travel the world with people she loves the most

Additional Stuff: “A quote I live by: “And like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.”, from Pinterest, everyone’s beloved and go-to inspirational quote website. Featuring my inner pretentious. ig @ litingg.yap


Birthdate: 26th August

Course: AUSMAT

3 things they do a lot: watching films, collage making, taking 4 hours naps

Hobby that defines them: baking

Favourite Album: Pure Heroine

Favourite Film: Lost in Translation

Favourite Famous Person: Hunter Schafer

One of their goals: learning sign language and striving to be more self-assured