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by: Chloe Kong

Following the launch of the New University Building, the library is now open! After months of watching its construction, the students excitedly flooded into the new three-storey library to check out what lies within the walls of the new campus building.

We asked a few questions of some students as we explored the magnificent library. The four questions asked about the new library were:

1) Their feedback regarding the library

2) What they liked about it

3) If they had any negative comments about it

4) If there was anything that they would like to see more of.

Below are the students’ answers:


Interviewee 1: Liren, MUFY 2015

A1:  It is spacious and it has a nice atmosphere.


Interviewee 2: Xin Yi, MUFY 2015

A1: The library is a bit cold.


Interviewee 3: Chin Tze

A1: The place is big, very big and it is a better study area than before.

A2: Compared to the previous venue, this library has become less crowded.

A3. In my opinion, the only problem is that it is dark at certain parts of the library but other than that it is perfect.

A4: Perhaps setting up more lights to increase the brightness at some of the areas?


Interviewee 4: Mathilda, A-Levels

A1: It is really impressive. The facilities of the library has improved tremendously.

A2: What I like about the current library is that there are more places for people to sit, especially during peak hours. The environment here is much better.

A3: Nothing. Not that I can think of.

A4: It would be great to have signs at the shelf area to allow easier search for books.


Interviewee 5: Ashley, A-Levels

A1: The place is big and it is nice too. The environment here is very calming.

A2: The transport. The escalators and the elevators make it easier to move within the library.

A3: The collaborative zone. It cannot accommodate big discussion groups.

A4: Maybe set up a stall of food for easier access?

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