By: June and Chris

Espression8 Café, now where do I begin? The moment you stepped into the warm ambience of the café, an aromatic espresso scent comes wafting through while you just gazed admiringly at the interior decor, even before you feast your eyes upon the dishes offered there. Before I begin to describe my food adventures there (mind you, it was a long and incredible journey, like Bilbo Baggins’), I would like to start by describing the “origins” of this café. Espression8, this quaint name was actually the brainchild of its 3 bosses who just so happen to love drinking, guess what? Espresso of course!

Now comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the FOOD!!! My friend ordered Spaghetti Gamberoni Aglio, another ordered Smoky Salmon Hollandaise while I settled with Chicken Wrap Benedict. My dish so happened to be the chef’s recommendation so I wasn’t going to give up a chance on trying that and oh yes, that was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. Tender chicken breast soaked in BBQ sauce wrapped with tortilla bread, topped with poached eggs and roasted vegetables, that dish was nutritious yet gloriously decadent. The slight hint of tanginess from the sour vinaigrette of the salad fused seamlessly with the sweetness of the juicy chicken breast, while the array of multicolours that decorate the plate just puts a smile on your face.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of “decorative food” but the coffee art that came with my friend’s peppermint chocolate unleashed my inner “fangirling” craze. Until recently, I have never actually agreed the concept of mixing peppermint with chocolate, to me it felt like an act of blasphemy. However, the adorable coffee art softened the cockles of my heart and after much persuasion from my friend; I was inclined to take a sip. Conclusion: my hypothesis has been wrong all this time. The peppermint though strong in flavor, did not overpower the sweetness of the chocolate, in fact it did the contrary; it enhanced the sweetness yet brought a refreshing twist to it.

No food trip is complete without satisfying your palates with its signature desserts, Apple Crumble Mille Crepe and Nutella Mille Crepe. The creamy smooth multilayer texture of the crepes, the fragrant and poignant Nutella that tingle your taste buds, the buttery and ultimate classic comfort of apple crumble, all served with nostalgia. For someone who has been hankering to satisfy her sweet tooth the entire week, those 2 desserts were the perfect form of indulgence.

Located just next to Rock Cafe, this cafe feels like having an afternoon tea over at your friend’s house but with an extra hint of elegance and sophistication. Better yet, the price ranges from about RM 10 to RM35.  So if you’re ever looking for a right place to chill and hang out with your friends over a good cup of coffee and mouth-watering desserts, do step into Espression8 Cafe. Once you are touched by its magic, you’ll find yourself revisiting the café so you can savour it all over again.

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