Behind the Voices of the Characters

by Chloe Kong

Yo minna! (Translation: Hi everyone) Okaeri (Translation: Welcome back) to another session of Otaku Corner. Voicing for a role is never an easy feed and it takes hard work, passion as well as dedication to be a good seiyuu. The road to success in the industry is a challenging one and all seiyuu must go through a lot of hurdles, training  in order to succeed. Hence, this time round, we will be featuring a few seiyuus (Translation: voice actors) behind some of the roles that you might recognize. As the saying goes, two is better than one so here goes! Let us look at this talented couple: Suzumura Kennichi and Sakamoto Maaya.

Source: Voice Animage 2015
Source: Voice Animage 2015

Seiyuu #1: Suzumura Kennichi

Family name (in kanji): 鈴村

Given name (in kanji): 健一

Date of birth: 12.9.1974

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Occupation: Voice Actor, Singer

Source: Voice Animage 2015
Source: Voice Animage 2015

Seiyuu #2: Sakamoto Maaya

Family name: 坂本

Given name: 真綾

Date of Birth: 31.3.1980

Hometown: Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Voice Actor, Singer

And here are the roles that they both voiced for together.

Series Suzumura Kennichi Sakamoto Maaya
1 Ouran High School Host Club Hitachin Hikaru Fujioka Haruhi
2 D-Gray Man Lavi Lou Fa
3 Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) II Thompsom Ciel Phantomhive
4 Soul Eater Kilik Lunge Crona
5 Star Driver, Sakayaki no Takuto Bou Tsukihito Endou Sarina
6 Coppellion Kurosawa Haruto Ozu Shion
7 Final Fantasy IV Zack Fair Aerith Gainsborough


Both of them were married since 8th of August 2008. This disproved the myth that says things will get bad if you are in a relationship with your colleague. Let us wish these two all the best as well as a joyful, fruitful and colourful journey ahead as we look forward to more of the voice acting in the future. So that wraps up another session of Otaku Corner and if you have anything that you wish for me to cover, feel free to drop a message at the ECHO newsletter Facebook page. Ja matta ne! (Translation:  See you again!)



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