Astrology with Echo: Taurus Season

Taurus, the second sign in the zodiac, belongs to those born between the dates of April 20th and May 20th. As the second sign of summer rolls in, along with it are brought forth the symbols of harvests, prosperity and abundance. 

Taurus—which literally means “The Bull”—is a “Fixed” zodiac, which means that you would probably describe your fellow Taurus counterparts as stable, reliable and grounded individuals. However, most of them are stereotyped as stubborn and hot-headed, which parallels their animal representation (you guessed it): the bull. 

As Earth signs, you can always point out Bulls to be the “realest” among the signs. Patient and unwavering, Tauruses are often described as the anchors of the zodiacs. You will rarely see a Taurus waver on their stance. This makes Tauruses incredibly true and faithful towards their own morals and beliefs. However, this does not mean that Tauruses are unwilling to hear different points of views—more so that a change in their view would mean a change of heart entirely.

With the reputation of being one of the most hardworking signs, Tauruses are unafraid to do work in order to get things done; may it be staying up all night to complete that one assignment, or getting their hands dirty to finish a project. With such diligence, Tauruses tend to demand the best from others around them due to their vigorous work ethics. This sign will more often than not place incredibly high expectations upon their partners or friends when it comes to the final quality of any given product or experience.  

However, being workaholics is not the only thing that makes up a Taurus. After all, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” As earth signs, Tauruses are incredibly sensual signs and  enjoy unwinding after a rewarding session of work by getting in touch with their physical selves and seeking out pleasure in their recreational activities. 

Tauruses are passionate signs who are often seen laughing it up with friends and spending time with family. The Bulls are also surprisingly easy to please when it comes to finding things to gift them—food or anything luxurious are both things that are right down their alley. Restaurant visits and any other activity that allows them to spend time with the ones they love are also things that most Tauruses enjoy. 

1) Love and Relationships

Ruled by Venus—the planet of love and romance (as well as friendships and other forms of partnerships)—Tauruses are hopeless romantics, although their tough exteriors may suggest otherwise. Tauruses value honesty and tend to look for the same in their relationships. They will hold grudges against those who lie even if it’s to make them feel happy. Like the Bull, Tauruses are mostly calm, patient and hard to anger—as long as they are not provoked to do so. Otherwise, they might just charge up at you! While their “stubborness” may complicate things when it comes to disagreements, this trait makes them very loyal to the relationship. This sign will most likely put a lot of effort into making the relationship as stable and secure as possible. 

2) Friendships and Family


Like their romantic relationships, Tauruses prefer honest and straightforward friendships. Being social creatures, Tauruses prefer the company of a wide variety of people. As Earth signs, they appreciate stability. This means that they would tend to stay away from conflict and unpredictability. Over time, Tauruses will prove to be one of the most loyal and trustworthy friends that you will ever make—the term “BFFs” is literally true when it comes to their commitment towards friends, although it does take time and persistence to get close to the Bull as they are rather wary when it comes to new things. 

Tauruses will remember everything from birthdays to anniversaries when it comes to their loved ones. Their devotion, however, can sometimes spiral into the likes of possessiveness if not careful. Being creatures of sensuality, spending time with friends and or family for Tauruses would preferably consist of quiet conversations, long walks in parks or going to the cinema rather than anything more “active.”

3) Career and Finance 

When it comes to careers, Tauruses have the best traits of a successful person. Hardworking, persistent, resourceful and dependable; they are great job candidates. Their intense work drive allows them to produce things of the utmost quality. However, this also tends to make them rather nitpicky and controlling when ensuring that things are done according to their standards, which makes them excellent managers and leaders. This sometimes causes them to have troubles respecting authority.  

Being flexible is a weakness of Tauruses, who prefer stability and familiarity above all else. The life of luxury is what Tauruses strive for. Gourmet dinners, luxurious massages, and the dream of life on the high end makes financial stability important to achieve the exuberant lifestyle they dream of. 

By: Saoussan

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