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Two syllables, one word.

What pops into your mind when you hear it?

A caped, underwear-on-the-outside superman flying high in the sky? A firefighter, saving babies from blazing buildings? Or perhaps that one person who gave you money for the bus fare when you left your wallet at home.

We all have our own heroes, whether real or fictional. Someone who inspires us, saves us and anchors us in both the toughest and most beautiful phases of life.  Let’s look at what some Sunway Students had to share about their heroes:


#1. Jo


Who is your hero and why?

Beyoncé. She is a multi-talented singer and dancer who worked hard to become one of the world’s most famous and powerful individuals and has since used her stardom as a platform to raise awareness on black inequality and empower black people all around to celebrate black excellence.

What defining moment has made you feel this way about her?

Beyonce headlining Coachella in 2018 and producing two flawless performances, back to back, featuring an all black dance crew, vocalists and musical band performing on one of the largest stages in the world. That’s when she became my hero. There they were, people who are usually turned down at interviews for their race now getting a chance to shine.

What would you like to tell her if you had the chance?

Dear Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, thank you for existing and gracing us with your presence even though we are not worthy. Thanks for telling the world that not only do black lives matter, they are empowered.


#2. Anonymous


Who is your hero and why?

Lee Ji Hoon. The passion he channels towards his work is so pure and rare. The dedication that he has towards his members and fans is truly amazing.

What defining moment has made you feel this way about him?

Whenever I see him performing on stage, I can feel his power. The way he shows himself to others is unlike anyone else.

What would you like to tell him if you had the chance?

I hope that he would stop saying that he feels burdened whenever he composes songs for his group because everyone is grateful for all his effort and contributions towards SEVENTEEN and their fans.



#3. Cathryina Ong


Who is your hero and why?

I think I would say my heroes are my parents. They spent half of their lives looking after us, nurturing us, helping us grow as much as possible and not giving up on us (although they complain). But they’ve worked so hard just to give us a good life.

What defining moment has made you feel this way about them?

When my dad broke down for the first time in my 17 years of existence, my heart shattered and so did my family’s at that very moment.

What would you like to tell them if you had the chance?

I love you both a lot, more than you could ever know, more than this whole universe. I can be tough sometimes and whenever you go out of your way to care for me, I really wanna hug you tight and tell you how much I love you. I really hope that the day we need to part will never come.


#4. Anonymous


Who is your hero and why?

My high school chemistry teacher. She is amazingly dedicated and committed to what she does and the people she teaches, whether it’s in the classroom or just supporting her students in any other way. Although that is usually the typical trait of teachers, she has a particular way of doing it that just warms your heart because she connects with her students and treats them like her own kids.

What defining moment has made you feel this way about them?

She was the teacher-in-charge when my friends and I joined a competition to represent the school. She joined us and overlooked our practice sessions every single day in the weeks leading up to the competition and motivated us without fail. When it was announced that our team won, she was so happy and excited that she even cried.

What would you like to tell her if you had the chance?

I tell you this all the time but I’ll tell you over and over again – I am so grateful for all the choices I have made that have led to us meeting and you becoming my teacher. Thank you for everything you have done for me.



#5. Anonymous


Who is your hero and why?

Dr. Kenzo Tenma, from the Japanese comic series Monster, because of his selflessness and dedication towards rectifying his wrongs even when it’s not his responsibility and his unwillingness to compromise on his moral even when he knows how it would directly damage his life.

What defining moment has made you feel this way about him?

In the beginning of the series he chooses to continue performing surgery on a small boy named Johan Liebert instead of the mayor of the town, simply because the boy came first. His social life and status suffer greatly from this decision, and the boy he saved ultimately grows up to be a serial killer and central antagonist of the series. Yet at the end of the series when Johan Liebert is fatally wounded, despite the fact that Johan has killed dozens and is only alive due to Dr. Kenzo’s decision to save him as a kid which makes the doctor feel responsible, he still performs the surgery to save his life again and shows that he is unwilling to compromise on his moral code as a doctor, and by extension, as a person, no matter what.

What would you like to tell him if you had the chance?

I’d tell him that choosing to never compromise on your morals and unapologetically taking responsibility for every action you commit is always the right path, no matter how much life makes us believe the contrary.

We wouldn’t have much in life if we didn’t have our heroes around us, inspiring and driving us to constantly evolve to become better versions of ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we want to make them proud. Or maybe it’s because we see that person as what we visualize ourselves to be, and what we want ourselves to mean to the people we meet. These heroes we find in the likeliest and unlikeliest of places could be someone close to us or someone we’ve admired from afar, maybe someone whose admired qualities shine best through paper and ink (or even through the digital glare of a screen, it’s the 21st century!). Ultimately, whatever your perspective, they’re the ones who make life a little more meaningful, a little more exciting, a little more worth looking-forward-to. So don’t let go of them. Keep them close, next to your heart and keep moving.

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