By: Michelle Lim

What, exactly, is freedom of speech?

Is it the right to speak out loud?

Is it the right to express our opinions and thoughts without fear of reprisal? Without reprisal itself?

In all honesty, it is all of them.

However, though many of us believe in it, do we live it? Understand it?

Source: mimiandeunice

Source: mimiandeunice

So many of us choose to conform, to try and fit in for fear of being the odd one out. For fear of being the weird one, the crazy one and so on forth. We stay quiet, we choose silence. We choose not to express ourselves.

Funny, isn’t it?

An excerpt from Emeli Sande’s “Read All About It”



Even if we’re all students, we still have the power to empower, to change and heal and help someone else through speech. A kind word can brighten up a day, a heart-to-heart talk may bring you and someone else together, or just sharing a story of your personal experience regarding something might inspire. You could also bring awareness to causes that you’re passionate about.

But keep in mind – words can damage and destroy as well, so be careful.


Source: sayingandquotes

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