As CMCO has just begun again and after considering a few ‘at home’ ideas, we decided to do a life hacks video which is currently posted on our IGTV, and tips and tricks to survive quarantine for our December YouTube video. Quarantine has been hitting us hard lately, not having to go out with friends, or going to classes, it kinda takes a toll on us once a while, especially when doing the same routine everyday. Therefore, we thought-out ideas that were easy for the viewers to do at home during this pandemic lockdown.. 

“Staying at home without going out definitely brings some efficiency down in our daily lives, so I hope that the video we filmed would help some people out even if it’s minor! Kudos to my brother who was brought into the filming process because I did not have enough hands to record the parts myself, and Ryan / Julia for editing them well!” – Yuin 

“I really enjoyed shooting outside even if its just the poolside of the condo. But really Emily did all the hard work, there were others playing with their kids there but she still did those basic karate moves she learned back in Myanmar. Next time I’m gonna get her to dance in the middle of the cafeteria.” – Julia.S

“I’m pretty much happy with how the video turned out despite the short amount of time we had. I enjoyed all the activities especially the Japanese potato salad though it was mainly for the video. It was nice to get out of my room once in awhile. Julia took the lead to plan and direct each scenes to make sure that it is as realistic as possible. But please Julia no more pathetic ‘dancing on my own’ stuff.” – Emily

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