These are the top articles written this year that you loved the most!

Starting with Event Reporting!

  1. Sunway SOLIDD, Real, Deep, Truth by Pei Zoe
  2. Fun Mathematics Camp by Wu Wen Qi
  3. Lecturers Under MCO by Fajar, Wen Qi & Christine
  4. v2k: Behind The Screens by Twis Siew & Natasha Effendy
  5. Freshies Night 2020 by Alex & Nivhya
  6. SISA’s Masquerade Ball by Christine
  7. Sunway Esports Bonfire Meeting by Hiba
  8. Sunway’s Got Talent 2020 by Nicholas & Michelle
  9. Mosaic by TedxSunway University by Nivhya & Hiba

Next is Creative Writing.

  1. Real Talk: The Fear of Speaking Up about Mental Health by Julia Rosalyn & Lynn Hor
  2. Parasite: Poverty & Privilege by Fajar binti Benjamin
  3. New year, same problems? If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Balancing Standards and Expectations by Shay Azman
  4. Fictional Religions in Film and Television by Gina Fernandez
  5. Importance of Intellectual Disagreements by Gina Fernandez
  6. Self-growth & Reality TV by Gina Fernandez
  7. Independent Thinking by Julia Rosalyn
  8. YouTube Channels That Are Fighting Misconceptions by Julia Sam
  9. Self-expression or Provocation by Julia Rosalyn

And these are the videos we put out this year!

  1. Coffee Talk at Sunway University by Fajar binti Benjamin
  2. Halloween Makeup Showdown by Emily
  3. How Well Do These Friends Know Each Other by Philix Peng
  4. Love In Its Many Forms by Jared Wee
  5. We Miss You Too by Julia S.
  6. Myths and Legends Charades by Garv Nair
  7. Covid-19: What You Need To Know by Garv Nair
  8. Thank You Malaysia by Leann Ng
  9. Echo Plays: Resident Evil 7 by Garv Nair

These are the designs you liked the most!

Thank you so much for supporting us this year! We’ll do our best next year as well!

Happy New Year from the Echo team!

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