Best of 2021

Below are our best articles, videos and designs of 2021! Let’s check them out!

Best of Creative Writing

  1. Real Talk: Let’s Talk About LGBTQ+ Rights by Chris Phang
  2. Real Talk: The Israel-Palestinian Crisis by Chris Phang
  3. Donghua Review: Heaven Official’s Blessing by Yasmeen & Loshene
  4. Real Talk: The Caste System by Shay Azman
  5. Book Review: The Science of Feelings by Eugene Tee by Amirah
  6. Colourism: Modern Society’s Plague by Julia Rosalyn
  7. Yay or Nay: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream by Chris, Jamie, Saoussan & Michelle
  8. Real Talk: Cancel Culture by Shay Azman & Natasha Maya
  9. Epiphany: A Collection of Poems by Amirah, Lynn & Shay Azman

Best of Event Reporting

  1. Meet the Stars 2021: Women’s Basketball by Twis & Maki
  2. MINDFULGym: Mindfulness Rest-Shop for Stress Reduction & Wellness by Chee San & Michelle
  3. Sunway SOLIDD: Real, Deep, Truth
  4. The SunVoice 5 | Semi-final 第五届双威好声音《熠·光》| 半决赛 by Maki
  5. Mask On, Charm Away ft Art of Seduction by Robert Greene by Shanay
  6. Meet the Stars 2021: Swimming by Jamie & Sumitra
  7. Echo Eats: McDonald’s BTS Meal by Chris & Sumitra
  8. Malaysian Society of Allergy and Immunology (MSAI): Malaysian Allergy Day 2021 by Chee San & Pei Zoe
  9. The 14% Project: Indigenous Land Rights by Alex

Best of Video Production

  1. Student Haul: How we spent our eBelia money by Leann
  2. Why MAE can help you with your student budget by Leann, Beatrice & Jia Xin
  3. Pride Month: What You Need To Know by Loshene & Yasmeen
  4. A Cooking Experience: Kuih Dadar by Su En
  5. Father’s Day: Do these students really know their dads? by Caressa & Garv Nair
  6. Heart to Heart : Couple’s Interview by Philix & Leann
  7. Echo Eats: Weird food combination by Yasmeen & Siew Mun
  8. ‘’SOTONG Game’’ – Squid Game with Malaysian Twist! by Haqeem & Darlene
  9. Let’s Talk by Leann

Best of Design

  1. Real Talk: Let’s Talk About LGBTQ+ Rights, designed by Yuangqi
  2. Real Talk: The Israel-Palestinian Crisis, designed by Zaqwan
  3. Colourism: Modern Society’s Plague, designed by Yuen Yao
  4. Real Talk: Islamophobia, designed by Mei Ting
  5. Meet the Stars 2021: Women’s Basketball, designed by Karen
  6. Echo Buzz: Not All Men but Every Single Woman, designed by Zaqwan
  7. Meet The Stars 2021: Fencing, Aquatic, Bowling, Wushu and Shooting, designed by Yuen Yao & Janice
  8. Echo-pella: Songs That Make You Feel Like A Villain, designed by Xen Er
  9. Echo Eats: McDonald’s BTS Meal, designed by Xen Er

Best of Public Relation

  1. SunFM & Echo talks Clickbait & Controversies
  2. What is Echo Media?
  3. “Ask Me” Mental Health Filter Promotional Video
  4. Beauty Filter Promotional Video
  5. Newsletter Subscription Promotional Video
  6. Halloween Giveaway
  7. Sunway Says Promotional Video

Thank you for supporting us in 2021! Stay tuned for more quality content in 2022!

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