Beer & Skittles: Finger Clicking Good Console – an oily invention

Beer and Skittles 

Meaning: amusement or enjoyment

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Since the rise of gaming, the current generation has sought to find consolation in life by searching for the one and only king of consoles as their soulmate. Will it be Xbox or Playstation? 

Well look no further, many gamers have shook hands and concluded this war of opinion ever since the world renown Kentucky Fried Chicken food chain, along with various partnerships covered below, introduced the KFConsole.

A genius remix of a food warmer (or as KFC calls it: fried chicken warmer) and a console, food will never be cold again during intense gaming sessions. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be fried chicken. Nasi lemak, fishball noodles, curry potato rice…anything edible in this world will be hot when hunger strikes even when victory on screen is just at one’s fingertips.

“Power your hunger” is the slogan.
source: KFConsole official website

With the allowance of 4K resolution, which although other companies may claim to give up to 8K, is pretty acceptable for most games as Youtuber YongYea says: “All Triple-A games will never reach 8K.”

According to Wikipedia, the partnership with Nvidia boasts 240 fps and up to 240Hz output as well as Ray Tracing abilities. Powered by Intel i9 10900k Extreme Compute Element, ‘the fastest and best gaming CPU money can buy right now’ according to a review by Rock Paper Shotgun. This is contained in the Cooler Master NC100 chassis. With support for virtual reality (VR) and Asus world class graphics hosted in their so called ‘first-of-a-kind hot-swappable GPU slot’ this is a lot to fathom in a device designed to resemble a sleek black KFC snack bucket.

The natural (but unnecessary) heat produced during the heated sessions of streaming problem will now be solved in KFC’s revolutionary claim that the heat will be used to warm the “chicken warmer”, a cabinet like drawer that resembles an oven of red hot goodness.

The grill-like oven food warmer of the KFConsole

Many were skeptical when KFC Gaming first introduced this concept in Twitter, thinking this was a spoof to manipulate the gaming community into buying KFC during this period of low economic downturn (Covid-19 and terribly high delivery fees). Despite that, it has garnered an amazing 11 million views since June 2020. Yet with its recent official launch on December 22, 2020 by KFC Gaming themselves, this has been a huge revelation for food and fun loving netizens everywhere.

KFC Gaming Twitter page, claiming that gaming console wars are over with KFConsole’s introduction
Source: Twitter

Comments like: “This sounds like a persistent April Fool’s Joke” and “Can’t wait for the McConsole, the Burger Konsole and Taco Station” circulated the internet as the world continues to hold their breath.

Youtubers have enthusiastically posted various speculative videos, one of which captioned: ‘The KFConsole is actually real…’ by Spawn Wave claimed that the oil from the chicken would be hard to wash resulting in long term grease and a soggy mess. Others fear that the price would be unaffordable, with the Intel chip itself costing up to RM 2000 – 2500 on Malaysian e-commerce platform Shopee

Spawn Wave explains the specs of the KFConsole
Source: Youtube

Will it run as smoothly as the marketing team claims it to be? Will it rival the well-known solace found in Xbox and Playstation? Or is this just a pandemic fluke to remind hikikomoris (Japanese word for socially withdrawn people) of life outside of the house and the fried chicken out there while one loses themselves in this whirlpool of media and gaming?

Intel i9 Review by Rock Paper Shotgun

Not much longer to wait to find out. For now, KFC has only one certain claim: don’t lick your fingers even if its ‘Finger lickin’ good’ to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus uncertainties.

Written by: Twis Siew

Edited by: Pei Zoe

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