K-pop powerhouse Seventeen has made their return to the stage with their newest album! Whether it is on social media or on the radio, it is practically impossible to not have heard about the K-pop boy group who is taking the world by storm. 

Seventeen, often abbreviated as SVT, is well known in the K-Pop industry as “self-producing idols” thanks to their talents in producing their own music and choreographies. The group which debuted in 2015 consists of 13 members hailing from South Korea, China and the United States. Producing hits like “Hot”, “Very Nice” and “Don’t Wanna Cry”, the boy group has become a staple name in K-Pop throughout their 8-year career.

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Since 2015, the group has consistently put out songs and albums which has created them a stable fanbase. In total, they have released four full-length Korean studio albums as well as 11 Korean extended plays (also known as mini-albums). The group also established their name in Japan with multiple original releases alongside Japanese remakes of their Korean hits. 

2023 has been a monumental year for the group as they have broken records and achieved unimaginable milestones. Starting the year with a bang, BSS, a sub-unit consisting of members Seungkwan, Dokyeom and Hoshi, made their long awaited comeback with their first single album “Second Wind”. The album topped the charts and had a steady impact globally. The title song, “Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji)”, became a cultural phenomenon, doing especially well in South Korea. The success of BSS’s comeback set a precedent for what was yet to come.  

In April, Seventeen released their 10th mini album entitled “FML”. The EP featured two title tracks and four side tracks. “Super”, the first title song, took K-pop by storm, sweeping the charts and reaching YouTube viewership milestones. The dance challenge of the song also became trendy with fans and other celebrities joining in on the fun. The impact of this has trickled into the expectations of what Seventeen can bring next. 

Following the success of their 10th EP, Seventeen has unveiled their newest mini album, “Seventeenth Heaven”. The album features seven new songs, specially curated by the group for their fans. The album boasts a variety of genres that once again showcase the versatility of the 13-membered group. From songs which tug on the heartstrings of fans to feel-good upbeat songs, Seventeen has shown what they do best yet again. Let’s take a deep dive into what the album has to offer.

SOS (Prod. Marshmello)

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting here all the time cus’ I’m your friend”

This is not the first time Seventeen has dabbled into all-English songs. Following their release of Darl+ing in 2022 and 2 Minus 1 in 2021, Seventeen’s third English track experiments with a different sound than what their fans are used to. In collaboration with American EDM producer Marshmello, Seventeen explores the sound of EDM while staying true to their musical colours. The track has been interpreted to touch on issues like drug abuse or mental health by Carats (Seventeen’s fandom name) and has become a song that provides comfort to those going through these issues.  

God of Music

“If there is a God of Music, I want to give you a hug of gratitude.”

Seventeen shows off their bright and playful side this time around with God of Music as their title track. Written by Woozi, S.Coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo and Vernon alongside Bumzu and Kitae Park, the song shows Seventeen’s gratitude to the art of music. To many, music is a platform which goes beyond the bridges of languages and acts as a form of expression. The track is visually showcased by a bright and colourful music video which is sure to create feel-good emotions in its viewers. The song features witty lyrics coupled with the upbeat instrumental and ear-catching instruments like the saxophone, it’s hard to not enjoy the song even after the first listen. It’s perfect to dance in your room for a carefree drive with your friends!

Diamond Days

“Your light will never fade, Slip into the diamond life!”

This track is sure to get long-term Carats in their feels! Diamond Days is a remake of “Shining Diamond” from Seventeen’s debut EP, 17 Carat. The 13-membered boy group has come a long way from their debut days. Shining Diamond holds sentimental value to the group as it is the first track on 17 Carat and has become one of the staple Seventeen songs that all fans know. 

The remake of the song features the iconic “Slip into the diamond life” from the original that has resonated in the eight years since Seventeen’s debut. Diamond Days highlights how far they have come from the start of their careers but also how they have never forgotten their roots. 

Back 2 Back

“It will definitely shine back 2 back.”

Much like their previous albums, Seventeenth Heaven includes songs performed by the three main units in Seventeen. Back 2 Back is a song performed by the Performance Team of Seventeen, consisting of Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino. Similar to the other songs on the EP, the track features EDM elements in its composition. Telling the story of an unbreakable bond, the song has an inspiring and motivational sound which puts its listeners in a good mood. Fans who previously enjoyed the Performance Team’s songs like I Don’t Understand But I Luv U or Highlight will surely fall in love with Back 2 Back too!


“Pull up in an all black roadster, Now my life is like a pop star. If you don’t believe me, come to our concert, Everyone calls me Monster.”

Seventeen’s Hip-hop Team takes over the next track on the list with Monster. Parallel to the sub-unit’s previous songs, Monster boasts the confidence of the four members. Written by S.Coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo and Vernon, each verse is unique to the members’ experiences of success and fame. Oozing with self-confidence in what they have achieved, Monster features trendy raps that remain in the minds of listeners thanks to the addictive tune. For fans who loved Seventeen’s songs like Fire, Cheers or Back It Up, this song is perfect for them to jam to!


“There’s no way I wouldn’t know, because you are my breath.”

The Vocal Team of Seventeen never fails to amaze fans with their honey-like voices. This time around, the Vocal Team, which consists of Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, Dokyeom and Seungkwan, returned with Yawn, a song that was specially written by Woozi for Seungkwan. Yawn is a ballad that pairs a delicate piano with lyrics that depict strength for its listeners. The soft vocals by the singers deliver the message perfectly to the listeners, creating an emotional piece that is sure to tug on your heartstrings. As a follow-up from their previous sub-unit songs like Dust and Hug, Yawn is the best song to listen to and get in your feels. 


“How beautiful, because you’re my headliner, my headliner.”

The last song in the album is Headliner, a track by Seventeen for their fans. According to Dokyeom, the track is a fan-song that is dedicated to Carats who have supported Seventeen every step of the way. The track plays with the word “Headliner”, in which headliners are the star attractions during concerts or music festivals. Seventeen refers to their fans as their headliners who motivate and are their stars. The sweet lyrics and simplistic sound of the song is sure to bring a smile to Carat’s face and it is a must-listen for hardcore Seventeen fans!

Achievements of the Album

Undoubtedly, Seventeen has proven its prominence in breaking and setting records, each time they puts forth an album and makes a comeback. After all, there is a reason why they’re the nations’ best friends. Early this year, they released their 10th mini album, FML which immediately garnered 4.64 million pre-orders. This managed to break their first-week sales record from last year’s album, Face the Sun. Following the release of Seventeenth Heaven, their 11th mini album, they proceeded to set a new milestone, by breaking their previous pre-sales orders, with 5.2 million sales pre-orders for this album.

Hanteo Chart, the Korean album chart, which calculates real-time sales for each purchase that has been confirmed, reported that Seventeen had become the first artist in its history to sell over 5 million copies of an album in its first week of sales. Seventeen has also made history on the Billboard Japan chart. ‘Seventeenth Heaven’ managed to top the Billboard Japan Hot Albums the week it was released. The album also managed to gain Seventeen the first place on Artist 100 while topping the Download Album chart and Top Album Sales chart on the Billboard Japan chart.

Seventeen’s influence across Japan has to be acknowledged, and it comes as no surprise that they’ve managed to chart extremely high on their local charts. Their 11th EP topped Oricon’s Weekly Chart and the group still holds its esteemed achievement as the foreign artist with the most topped albums on Oricon’s weekly chart. Following this, Seventeenth Heaven has also been certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), as announced by their management company, Pledis Entertainment.

For the year 2023, Seventeen is the only male group that has managed to top South Korea’s song charts; Melon, Genie and Bugs with its title track, God of Music. It is definitely a milestone as all this while, female groups and solo artists have been known to dominate these charts and thus cements Seventeen as a household name in South Korea.

As per their usual comebacks, Seventeen has also participated in the usual music shows, such as MCountdown on Thursdays, Music Bank on Fridays and SBS Inkigayo on Sundays. While they only had two weeks of promotions, the 13-member boy group achieved a grand slam with their title track ‘God of Music’, with their fifth win on SBS Inkigayo showcasing the strength of CARATs.

And, of course, being their most awaited one, Seventeenth Heaven recently debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, making this their fourth consecutive album to be on the Top 10 of Billboard 200 and making history as the few Korean artists to have entered the Billboard charts multiple times. Seventeen is not only popular locally but is renowned globally as well, a matter which has not been displayed clearly for some time, but forced to be reckoned with. After all, they had one of the most successful tours across the globe, ‘Be The Sun’, which brought together thousands of CARATs as one.

Amidst their comeback, it was also announced that the band were attending the 13th edition of UNESCO’s Youth Forum to deliver a speech to emphasise the importance of education at young solidifies one’s future, making them the first K-pop act to do so. The forum was held at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris and PLEDIS Entertainment, Seventeen’s agency, had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UNESCO ahead of the event.

As an additional mention, Seventeen had also bagged the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the TMA 2023, (The Fact Music Awards), a few weeks before they released their album on 10th October 2023. The boy group has also announced its fourth world tour, SEVENTEEN FOLLOW by kickstarting a few shows around Asia (sadly they won’t be making an appearance in Malaysia), and they are expected to perform a few songs from this very album and CARATS are absolutely delighted to hear it live!

Challenges faced throughout the AlbumSeventeen winning the Daesang

Having 13 members is not an easy feat. At least one of them is bound to be unable to make it for a promotion or a comeback. Previously, there were instances where the foreign Chinese members The8 and Jun were not in South Korea to promote their albums, as they had travelled back to China, either to carry out promotions or have solo activities there.

Even during last year’s world tour, a few members were tested positive for Covid and had to sit out some of the performances. As such, while S.Coups, the leader’s ACL tear on his left knee came out as a surprise, CARATS processed it maturely and wished him the best in recovery. Now, the Kpop powerhouse is very well known for its impeccable choreographies and creative formations; even if one member is indisposed it may affect the whole performance. 

However, Seventeen is nothing but flexible. Due to S.Coups’ early notice, the choreography must have been amended for 12 members and of course, they pulled it off. While S.Coups didn’t participate in their promotions for the comeback, the leader still made an appearance in the music video, which has garnered 45 million views on YouTube (up to the date of writing). The 28-year-old also made an appearance in one of the popular variety shows the group guested on, purely to meet them.

A while back, Seventeen’s main vocalist and spokesperson, Seungkwan had also announced a hiatus in early July. The agency hadn’t specified any health issues, but there have been speculations that the vocalist had been recovering and reeling from his friend’s death Moonbin from Astro who was a K-pop idol as well. A month later, Seungkwan was announced to be resuming his activities, to prepare for the upcoming comeback in October. Many CARATs were happy to welcome him back and especially hoped that he was doing well, especially after his well-deserved break.

In late October, amidst Seventeen’s music show appearances, their agency released a statement on how Mingyu was suffering from severe back pain and wouldn’t be able to make it for some of the performances. Fans were clearly worried, but the rapper bounced back soon enough and made it during their last week of promotion. It is worth noting how Seventeen professionally handles changes to their choreographies despite the members’ absences during multiple occasions. Truly, Seventeen are one of the experienced groups that is still thriving for a reason.

Like all K-pop idols or celebrities in general, the Seventeen members’ have to cope with their crazy schedules, which require them to be in multiple places at the same time. Some members, such as Jeonghan, Dokyeom, Joshua, The8 and more had to travel to France, Italy or China for personal schedules or promotions such as attending Fashion Week or be it shooting for a magazine cover. They’ve also had to deal with guesting on variety shows amidst practice and prepping for their comeback. Despite their hectic schedules, Seventeen still has put forth one of their best albums and live performance yet, undoubtedly securing their position as one of the best K-pop groups to exist.

Finally, congratulations to Seventeen for their spectacular achievements! It is clear as day that CARATs and fans alike will carry on cheering for them in the future, till the end of time as a thanks for putting smiles on their faces no matter what.

Written By: Trezshur & Poorani

Edited By: Tarini

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