“Say the name, Seventeen!”

Racking up 2 billion streams and selling 10 million albums, Seventeen (often shortened as SVT) comprised of S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino. Living up to the titles of “K-pop Stage Breakers”, “Performance Kings” and “K-Pop performance Powerhouse”, Seventeen has unassumingly become one of the biggest groups ever due to their world-class synchronisation, jaw dropping choreography and tight teamwork. 

Why are they called Seventeen? The name, derived from “13 members + 3 units + 1 group”, expresses how 13 individuals from three different subs-units form one  team when they all come together. The 13 members’ skills range from songwriting to choreographing in addition to their expertise in singing, rapping and dancing, hence establishing their strong reputation in the K-pop industry as self-producing idols. 

The group was first introduced in 2012 through the online show “Seventeen TV’. The group had no fixed members yet. All cast members were trainees with the average age of seventeen years. Throughout five seasons, the trainees got to showcase their skills and personalities – earning them a considerable fanbase and amping up the anticipation for their debut. The group continued to train for years, and also went through reorganisation, involving the departure and addition of some trainees. 

After years of anticipation, Seventeen made their official debut on May 26, 2015 with the mini album “17 Carat” and the title track “Adore You”, under Pledis Entertainment. As of May 2020, Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE Labels), home to BTS, became Pledis’ largest shareholder but Pledis continued to act as an independent label. On February 14, 2016, Seventeen held an exclusive concert where they revealed their official fanclub name. Once the performance ended, Leader S.Coups said “We have an announcement. You guys made us shine so bright, so you guys are now going to be our Carat.” The group’s official fan colours are “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity”. 

The team made their US television debut on the The Late Show with James Corden in 2021 which was then followed by unforgettable performances on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and MTV Fresh Out Live. The group closed out 2021 as the first-ever K-pop artist featured in MTV Push

Seventeen’s latest release, Face the Sun, made its debut at No.7 on the Billboard 200 while claiming No.1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart as well as the World Albums chart. The release also marked a new milestone in K-pop, rendering Seventeen as one of the only two artists in the history of K-pop, alongside BTS, to surpass the 2 million mark for first- week album sales. 

The Sub-Units in Seventeen 

In a group of this size, showcasing individual skills becomes challenging as most three to four minute songs are divided among 13 members. Seventeen’s subunits system helps to solve this problem. The vocal unit (Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK, Seungkwan), hip-hop unit (S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon) and the performance unit (Hoshi, Dino, Jun, The8) each specialise in rapping, singing and dancing respectively. 

In most albums since 2015, the members record songs in these units in addition to recording as a whole group. Different combinations of the artist are regularly formed, including a “Leaders” unit, featuring the leaders of the three subunits (S.Coups, Woozi, Hoshi), and the special unit BooSeokSoon (BSS), which consists of the comedic trio, Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi. 

1. Vocal Unit 

In their first mini album, 17 Carat, vocal unit leader Woozi (Lee Jihoon) contributed to the writing of all five tracks and has co-composed most of Seventeen’s songs alongside Pledis’ in-house produced Bumzu over the past five years. He has taken on a directing role in the recording studio. Besides the majority of Seventeen’s tracks, Woozi has also written songs for a number of other Korean artists, from girl groups to soloists. With a background in classical music, he plays a range of instruments including the piano, guitar, drums and clarinet. 

The vocalist with an airy voice, Jeonghan (Yoon Jeonghan), made his debut with long hair. His verses in Seventeen’s songs are often soothing and he expressed that he wants to help listeners fall asleep easier. Jeonghan is very good at sports and is considered one of the best athletes among the other members but he has the weakest stamina and gets tired easily. 

 Hailing from Los Angeles, Joshua (Hong Jisoo) moved to Korea as a teenager to become an idol after being casted by a talent agent. Although he is one of the group’s more soft-spoken personalities, he takes on the unofficial roles of the translator and the spokesperson along with fellow Korean-American Vernon when the group is in the States. He introduces himself as “Seventeen’s Gentleman”. 

DK or Dokyeom (Lee Seokmin) is known for his warm and rich voice as one of the group’s two main vocalists. Although he once shared doubts about this position in a pre-debut reality show, DK has developed into a composed singer and a pillar of the act’s vocal performances. Besides the group’s tracks, he often shares song covers and even recorded the OST for the buzz-worthy Korean Drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”. With his enthusiastic and goofy character, he is one of Seventeen’s key mood-makers. In 2019, he also starred in the musical Xcalibur, playing the lead role of King Arthur in his first venture into theatrical acting.

Seungkwan (Boo Seungkwan), the artist from Jeju Island, is another main vocalist alongside DK. Besides hitting high notes and excelling at steady song delivery in live performances, he is the group’s “variety king”- a nickname given because he has a talent in entertaining the audience. Always ready to poke fun at himself, Seungkwan was awarded the “Rookie Award for Music and Talk” at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards. 

2. Hip-Hop Unit

The leader of both Seventeen as a whole and the hip-hop unit, S.coups (Choi Seungcheol) shoulders the most responsibility. With a stage name that combines “S” for the first letter in his name, Seungcheol and “coups” for “Coup d’état”, S.Coups has a dominating presence onstage as he raps and dances. The oldest member’s leadership strength lies in his ability to find opportunities for all members to shine, sometimes by stepping back himself. 

Wonwoo (Jeon Wonwoo) may look cold on the outside but his deep-voiced rapping is easily recognisable across Seventeen’s songs. He has delivered a number of impactful opening and closing parts in recent title tracks. Besides his hobbies as a reader and gamer, Wonwoo has experience in video editing. He directed the 2018 music video for the group’s summery track, “Holiday”

Though Mingyu’s (Kim Mingyu) official role is a rapper, he’s more of a renaissance man. His paintings were once showcased at “17’S CUT”, an exhibit celebrating the group’s third anniversary. The visual of the group is often seen carrying a camera and has recently directed a music video for the track “Snap Shoot” for which he is credited in every role from producer to stylist. 

Born in New York, Vernon (Choi Hansol) moved to Korea when he was young and is fluent in both English and Korean. The rapper has an extensive list of songwriting credits across Seventeen’s discography, participating in the production of multiple tracks. Vernon is dubbed as the group’s Leonardo DiCaprio with his resemblance to the actor. 

3. Performance Unit 

Performance unit leader and the group’s main choreographer, Hoshi (Kwon Soonyoung) packs storytelling into complex dance moves. For example, main vocalist Seungkwan rides a boat in the splashing sea in “My My” and the members position themselves to create the image of two members walking under street lamps in 2017 hit song “Don’t Wanna Cry”. His stage name, short for “tiger’s gaze” in Korean, describes the fierce intensity he emits when performing. However, he has effectively turned this persona into a meme. He constantly refers to himself as a tiger, wears clothes that feature tigers and poses with hands that imitate a tiger’s paws at any chance he gets- prompting his fellow members to repeatedly remind him that he is, in fact, human. 

With years of experience in Chinese martial arts and breakdancing, The8 (Xu Minghao) from Liaoning, China, is not only a dancer but a specialist in flips and jumps like the butterfly kicks. His stage name comes from the number resembling the infinity symbol when laid sideways, as well as it being a lucky number in Chinese culture. The8 is passionate about art and fashion where his canvas paintings make frequent appearances on Seventeen’s social media accounts.

Born in Guangdong, China, Jun (Wen Junhui) launched his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor, He starred in multiple TV series and films before joining Seventeen. Jun is nimble with his body and displays a wide array of facial expressions. He released his latest solo single “Limbo” on September 23, 2022. Both Chinese members from the group recorded Mandarin versions of songs from the soundtrack of the popular Korean drama “The King: Eternal Monarch”. 

Though being the maknae (youngest in the group) of the group, Dino (Lee Chan) doesn’t disappoint in delivering the best stage performances whenever he busts out a move. His father was a dance instructor, so from a young age, Dino was very interested in dancing. He has choreographed Seventeen’s performances over the years and has created the six-person dance for the track “Flower”. In 2018, he started “Dino’s Danceology” where he choreographed songs by other artists. Dino is a big fan of Michael Jackson. His stage name is short for dinosaur which means he will dominate the stage.

Variety Shows 

Variety shows are a key way for K-pop artists to show parts of their personalities that are often different from their onstage personas. Jeonghan, with the face of an angel, is the master of creating chaos in any setting, from mafia games to mini quadricycle races. While Woozi is more serious in the behind-the-scenes clips of recording studio sessions, he frequently bursts into laughter at his teammates’ antics. Seventeen has featured in many variety shows but listed below are some of the highly recommended ones and can help introduce the group to newcomers. From games that get way too competitive to TMIs (too much information), here are six variety shows that will start you off. 

1. Going Seventeen 

The ongoing reality series, GOING SEVENTEEN is a staple for Carats. The 13 members provide a lot of hilarious content and their different personalities really shine through in the show. It is a relatively new show, but there’s still plenty of great episodes to binge and catch up on. 

For example, the Don’t Lie series is a mafia game that the members are very fond of. This series is the peak of Seventeen’s chaos. Betrayal, lies and laughter, it’s everything in here. It’s not just any ordinary game of mafia. There is money on the line with the members having to find it in short intervals and mini games to earn more time so that the members can search for the money. 

Another famous series that new Carats need to watch to fall for Seventeen is TTT, which is also short for MT SVT Reality. The whole series is entertaining as the members do challenges, play games, cook food and have bonding moments over karaoke and drinking sessions. The team let loose and enjoyed themselves during the overnight trip.

Seventeen often takes the most trivial things seriously and this quality of theirs is highlighted in “Debate Night” episodes. The boys sit down and debate on topics such as “Would you rather have three arms or three eyes”. The topics are absurd to begin with but they don’t hold back with their ridiculous rebuttals and opinions that contain no logic. 

  1. In the SOOP 

In the SOOP (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) takes place in a house in the woods, and the concept is to spend time somewhere between everyday life and leisure. In this show, the members are all dressed comfortably and spending time together in the forest. The members enjoy tasty food, try out extreme activities and have relaxing pastimes.

In the show, Mingyu has shown talent as a cook. He and DK struggled a bit when making the brick oven but succeeded after some hard work. They were able to cook pizza, tomahawk and some other meat. Joshua completed his sooplist (or bucket list) of pottery because he wanted to create accessory trays. The8 also painted his shadow in nature. Although he had lost the sunlight he was aiming for, it still ended up better than he expected. 

Of course, being the self-producing idols, it wouldn’t be complete without Seventeen creating music. One night in the soop, they made the theme song of the show. It started with playing some random chords on the guitar, then creating a melody and adding the lyrics to it. The members did a lot of sports and activities throughout the show as well. They tried paragliding,car racing and played futsal together,making memories along the way. 

3. Dingo – Tipsy Live

Seventeen filmed an episode with Dingo Music “Tipsy Live”, which shows the artists getting drunk and enjoying themselves while singing and being generally chaotic. Members were singing loudly, already clearly intoxicated and dancing together as well. In this episode, the group sang along to many of their well-known songs, sipped on their drinks and showed glimpses of their vulnerable sides.

Woozi tearfully explained his intention behind the song Circles. As someone who does not usually talk about his emotions, he let loose as he drank Soju for the first time. Woozi talked about how he kept the members, Wonwoo and Carats in mind while writing Circles. Woozi’s heart-stirring speech introducing Circles left all the members emotional. 

Wonwoo struggled to keep himself in check because he had lost his mother to an undisclosed illness earlier this year. Even though he did not take any extended leave of absence from promotional activities, he did seem visibly upset during some concerts on the world tour. He was seen trying to hold back his tears while the group was singing the song. Seungkwan, who sat right next to him, was bawling and singing along, absorbing himself into the song. Jeonghan, who rarely cries, was also seen shedding tears during the song. 

Beginning with the energising opener, Cheers to the moving Circles, and finally ending with fan-favourite track Very Nice, the group went through extremes of emotions in the 20 minute video, taking viewers through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

4. Seventeen: Hit the Road 

Seventeen: Hit the Road shows the members in their moments of disagreement, hardships, teamwork, fun, and everything else in between. Through this variety show, Seventeen showed a different side of themselves, rather than the happy-go-lucky one that fans were used to. Seeing such a raw side of them proved that they had ups and downs just like everyone else, even if they were idols. 

Wonwoo talks about feeling at home in the group although he has a more reserved personality. “I’m a very introverted person naturally, so I always felt I couldn’t fit in that well, anywhere, since I was young,” he said. “But in Seventeen, I didn’t get any of that feeling.” 

In November 2019, Pledis announced that S.Coups would take a hiatus due to symptoms of anxiety. In the show, S.Coups opened up about his experience. “I was always anxious for some reason. But, that anxiety was replaced by happiness when I got up on stage. However, as that anxiety increased, I felt more uneasy and scared. It’s continued for a long time, longer than you would think.” 

It’s always easy to see the sparkly, perfect images that idols put forth. S.Coups opening up about his struggle with anxiety not only helps those suffering from it but reminds everyone that idols are only human. 

5. MMTG x Going Seventeen

Seventeen teamed up with the popular Youtube variety program ‘MMTG- Civilization Express’ for a special instalment of Going Seventeen. Seventeen and MC Jaejae are parodying the classic variety program, ‘Strong Heart’.

Some of the members had appeared in the show more than a year ago but now the full group attended. During this episode, the artist came up with the idea of joining forces for a special program. 

The members expose host Jaejae to three of their best Going Seventeen contents which is Insomnia-Zero, Debate Night and Don’t Lie. They compete on which of these contents raises her heart rate the most. 

Hidden Gems

1. Fallin’ Flower

Seventeen is known for their wide range of discography, from soft ballads, contemporary R&B, hip-hop to retro pop; they’ve done it all. Having achieved the title as self-producing idols, most of their songs are composed, written and sometimes even choreographed by them! While most fans and general listeners would probably be aware of their hit songs such as Clap, Very Nice and Hot, there are some lesser known songs among the fandom itself which are as amazing. So, for baby Carats as well as the older ones, here are some of their must-listen hidden gems!

The part that hits differently here would be the opening piece of the piano. Their second Japanese single after Happy Ending, Fallin Flower topped the Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart back in early 2020 when it was released.

Penned by Woozi and the youngest Dino, the song talks about falling petals one day blossoming into love and hope, conveying the message that one has to go through the feeling of  hurt to become stronger. The lyrics go like this,

 ‘Because I believe in letting beautiful flowers bloom, I’m fallin, fallin, fallin’

Paired with beautiful lyrics, the choreography of the song is also a sight to behold. Choreographing a soft song can prove to be quite troublesome but the 13 of them were able to portray the beauty of a flower with amazing synchronisation.

Seventeen has performed this song in award shows and their Japan fan meetings and it is indeed a blessing for the Carat’s eyes to catch the performances live. Clearly, the best way to describe this song would be ethereal.

2. 2 minus 1

SEVENTEEN does also produce songs in sub-units, one of which is the rare Vernon and Joshua duo. 2 minus 1 is a digital song released alongside their Attacca album in 2021. The song is purely in English, cementing the capabilities of its English speakers.

Most Carats are probably aware of this song as it was performed during the Be The Sun concert around various parts of the US and some of the Southeast countries (except for Malaysia, but we’ll come back to that).

Inspired by the 2000 pop-punk genre, it was co-written by Vernon who lived in New York up till the age of 4 and Joshua who was born and raised in California. The song expresses conflicting feelings with an ex-lover; and yes, it probably raised the curiosity of many Carats but fans were nonetheless impressed and understood that the personal lives of idols were something not to be interfered with.

It’s a fresh outlook within the group itself, with Vernon being a rapper and showcasing his rough yet pleasing vocals here along with Joshua who outsang himself (if that is possible). The duo shot a special performance video of the song on a rooftop in Seoul along with a live band which you can check out here.

3. Kidult

One of the few heartfelt songs that Seventeen has produced and this takes the top of the list. It was released back in 2020 with their seventh special album Henggarae, when the world was facing a global pandemic.

Kidult is an abbreviation of the words kid and adult and was written by Woozi, Scoups and Vernon. Abruptly growing into adulthood just after your teens can be overwhelming for many. Seventeen, however, sing about their child self, saying that it is alright to embrace that part of yourself and to just be a kid sometimes.

It’s a letter to Carats and the rest of us to take it easy and breathe. At the chorus, they sing

After I have laughed it off like an adult, even when I cry like a kid

We resemble each other, let’s be together

Just as you are

Like a kidult

It’s one of Seventeen’s many comfort songs and proves to move the hearts of many Carats. The vocals here are also to die for.

4. Light a Flame

Seventeen serves visuals; there’s no doubt about it. But when you add rolled up white shirt sleeves, watches and a most sensual song to the mixture, well, let’s just say that there are definitely a lot of hot moments to be captured!

Presented by the 96 liners of the group Hoshi, Woozi, Jun and Wonwoo, Light a Flame portrays the sexy side of Seventeen. The four of them manage to pull it off strikingly, capturing the hearts of Carats all around. 

Wonwoo, in an interview with PAPER says, ‘The 1996 age-line members possess a diverse range of colours, and I thought that the sexy concept, among many other charms that we’re able to express, best represents this group at this point in time’.

Naturally, it was an excellent concept choice as this was one of the few songs with this genre that had been produced by Seventeen. Light a Flame is also described as a mature sound compared to the rest of the songs released in the album ;[Semicolon].

5. Hug

Similar to Kidult, this is another comfort song sung by the vocal unit of Seventeen which was released in their You Made My Dawn album in 2019. Hug was written by Woozi and sung by him along with the rest of the vocal line, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan.

It was performed in their 2019 Ode To You concert tour and in the Golden Disk Awards 2020. For Carats, the song feels like a warm hug indeed, letting you know that you have done your best for today and it’s alright to rest and cry now.

After a difficult exam or an exhausting day, this is the perfect song to listen to to calm yourself and gather your thoughts. Written as a letter to their fans, 

For you who must have hard it today, I will tell you

That I’m here

That you’ve done well

That I love you 

And I will hug you tight

There is also a rock version of it done by the Hip Hop unit in one of their fan meetings where they exchange each unit’s songs and deliver it in their own style.

6. Flower

Their oldest song in the list but still as epic, Flower was released back in 2017 in their Teen;Age album along with one of their forever hits, Clap. The song is made of an unusual unit with Scoups, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, Seungkwan, The8 and Dino. It was written by the members themselves including Woozi.

The song has a catchy beat and an even more appealing chorus filled with Seungkwan’s divine vocals. The lyrics imply a toxic relationship where they sing about being in love even if they get hurt. To top it off with amazing vocals, Scoups’ rap part is also one of the song’s highlights.

A fun fact of this song would be, it’s choreographed by Dino who’s part of the performance team. He proves to be multifaceted by expressing the emotions of the song through the choreography and equally enrapturing rap parts. A visually pleasing song, Seventeen has performed this in MAMA 2018 as well as in a few of their concerts both old and new. Check out the choreography video here

Iconic moments of Seventeen

Since their debut, Seventeen has been known as one of the chaotic boy groups and is also a trendsetter among the rookie idols. Take for example Jeonghan’s loopy catchphrase shingi banggi bboong banggi’ which is loosely translated as ‘really interesting’ or ‘wow really’ in Korean. The catchphrase has not only trended among K-pop fans but also K-pop idols and Jeonghan even made boy groups NCT Dream and Stray Kids repeat the catchphrase in a Japanese music show

If you are new to the fandom or interested in being part of it, here are some iconic moments of Seventeen that you should know about!

1. Rap battle

Clearly one of the most hilarious and chaotic moments to have ever occurred in the variety shows Seventeen has attended so far, this rap battle took place in 2019 during one of Seventeen’s appearances at the variety show Idol Room.

The twist during the rap battle was that none of the hip hop team members themselves were involved. In fact, the main protagonists were DK and Joshua from the vocal team. Apparently, the two of them had been ‘competing’ at the dorms trying to diss each other and this was witnessed by Woozi who was completely baffled by their behaviour.

A rap battle commenced in the variety show to so-call settle the score. While it initially panned out with DK(MC Doul) and Joshua(MC Cloud) dissing each other, it evolved to DK vs Seungkwan and ended hilariously with Seungkwan vs Dino.

Most of the members were experiencing severe second hand embarrassment due to their members’ cringeful behaviour. Nevertheless, it garnered a lot of amusement from netizens and Carats.

2. Seventeen at ISAC

Once a year, MBC, a Korean broadcasting channel, organises a sports festival specially for idols to compete in which is called the Idol Star Athletics Championships or better known as ISAC. Seventeen has attended the sports festival up till 2020 since their debut 7 years ago and created many significant moments during ISAC.

Foremost would be the famed aerobic dance that Seventeen’s performance unit plus DK did during the aerobics section of the sports festival in 2017. They had performed a Transformer-inspired aerobics, surprising the whole crowd including the idols who took to it immediately. With perfect synchronisation and cool backflips, Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino and DK had earned the group second place in the tournament.

Another notable moment during ISAC would be DK’s amazing bullseye during the archery tournament in 2019’s ISAC. He managed to score 10 points four times consecutively, most of it hitting the X-ring. DK shocked the viewers when one of his shots even hit the camera at the centre of the board.

Although Seventeen is no longer attending ISAC, they proved their athletic prowess by even winning the gold medal in the relay event too.

3. Varying performances of Clap

Clap is definitely one of Seventeen’s hit songs even to this day. It was released back in 2017 in their Teen;age album as the title track. The song has a hilarious note in it, telling us, regardless of how horrible and frustrating our day could get, all we have to do is clap and celebrate life instead of mourning over every small detail.

As idols known for their unique delivery of performances, Seventeen tends to perform each of their songs in varying tones each time. Be it a different choreography, a different arrangement of the song or new lyrics even, Seventeen always manages to pull it off. And, that’s probably what sets them apart; every one of their performances are different from the other.

This 2017 title track has been performed in multiple versions. Some famous ones would be the 2018 Japan Arena Tour, MAMA 2017, KBS Song Festival 2017 and the most recent one in last year’s WeverseCon. The sound of the guitar at the beginning has the effect of immediately hooking you in.

While it has been awhile since they last performed it live, Carats all around the world love the performance in the 2018 Japan Arena Tour which signified how powerful an opening for a concert should be. It even trended among the netizens who were enraptured by the scale of their stages.

4. The 5th Anniversary

With 13 members of varying personalities, there’s bound to be mayhem occurring quite frequently when all of them gather. For Seventeen’s 5th anniversary from their debut which was 2 years ago, the members had to come up with  content to celebrate it along with their fans. This is quite normal as Seventeen usually posts videos on their Youtube channel on their anniversaries. This year, they had a camping/a small sharing session where the members reflected on their journey so far and the process of renewing their contracts. In 2020, however, the members took on a more hilarious route where each of the members swapped identities and portrayed the character of another member to the amusement of the fandom.

It’s very likely that baby Carats might find the whole concept confusing due to it not being similar with the members’ characteristics. However, it was pure delight for the OG fans to see the identity-swapping Seventeen react to their past music videos as different members.

Simply put, the whole anniversary was an ingenious yet comically arranged video to reminisce past performances, moments or incidents that stuck with the members and Carats. Check out the absolutely wild anniversary video on their Youtube channel!

5. The Very, Very Hot Concert

Honestly, does it need to be repeated again? Seventeen are amazing performers and that’s a fact. The recent or ongoing Be The Sun concert tour in the US and Asia greatly showcased their growth and one-upped the fact on why their concerts are a must-go.

During the pandemic, Seventeen held online concerts likeIN-COMPLETE, Power of Love and a few more. Nevertheless, it is nothing like watching them live in their full glory. The Be The Sun tour kicked off in Seoul at Gocheok’s Sky Dome and was live-streamed for worldwide Carats.

There were many interesting and quirky incidents that happened during the whole tour like the skits that Seventeen prepared before performing Left & Right or Jeonghan dabbing his arm away despite it being in a cast. However, one of the few astonishing moments that definitely swept the fans away was Hoshi using a flamethrower (producing very real flames) after performing Hot and immediately launching into March(a track from their album Face the Sun).

The performance team leader also revealed his abs, lifting his shirt midway during Hot and fans screamed their lungs out in amazement at the act. It wasn’t only Hoshi that was tempting the audience; Mingyu, the resident flirt of Seventeen, occasionally took off his jacket, revealing his toned figure that drove many mad.

At the end of the North American tour, some of the members’ hair had grown out. Jun and Jeonghan ended up tying their hair into a half ponytail which also became a point of attraction for numerous Carats. Thousands of fancams of all 13 of them have been surfacing all over Twitter and Instagram as netizens comment on how hot they look while belting out powerful vocals at the same time.

6. A Very Drunk ‘Tiger’ Hoshi

If you could pinpoint the most chaotic, completely out of the world and crazy member of Seventeen, it would be Kwon Soonyoung a.k.a Hoshi hands down. He also works crazy hard and is a multi-talented member but for now, we’ll focus on his crazy moments.

On a recent variety show with Lee Young Ji, a talented rapper and vocalist, Hoshi guested on it as its third guest. It’s a drinking show where the idols casually talk with the host Youngji while playing games or just doing the most random stuff.

Hoshi, being a light drinker, became more drunk as the show progressed and unveiled his adorable side while being drunk. He started tearing up at one point, expressing his gratitude to his company for being understanding and having their back all these years. It all seemed comical as the show carried on because Hoshi and Youngji had an easygoing camaraderie that made them all the more entertaining.

Check out the full video to watch chaos unfold in the most Seventeen way!

In a nutshell…

Stanning Seventeen is both enjoyable and inspirational. You learn and heal from their songs as well as laugh at their absurd moments in variety shows. It’s a light and carefree experience. Being a Carat can be quite fun!

Written by: Isabel and Poorani

Edited by: Caitlin

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