Why GST is the Best Thing to Happen to Malaysia

Written by: TotallyNotABNFan


Malaysia has recently hit a rough patch, with the news of the GST implementation assailing the people. However, GST is a good thing for Malaysia; it’s not tragic. That’s right, it doesn’t make people sad. It just makes people irritated, and it’s a well-known fact that when people are indignant and fired up, they do everything more intensely.

Anger is a great motivator for work.

By increasing the price of most goods on the market, I believe that the government is trying to indirectly (by which I mean unintentionally and probably also unnecessarily) instil the value of hard work into the people. I mean think about it, if you have to work even harder for something as simple as putting food on the table, are you more likely to be angry at the government or pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and work harder?

Exactly. Which is why the government is taking more of your hard earned money. Because they already have so much that they’re immune to its corrupting effects. I mean when was the last time you saw a government official being lazy? You haven’t, because you have no idea what they do because they have never been seen working.

Besides that many say that the GST could have been avoidable if only the government could rein in their spending. Well if you are one of those people I say you are misinformed. I can say this because reputable news outlets such as Utusan Malaysia keep assuring us in their eloquent pieces that the government has always done what is good for the people. Utusan is like the FOX news of Malaysia, always keeping things fair and balanced with a little bit of tasteful exaggeration here and there. Now I know you are in a great hurry to go look for these articles like the patriotic citizen you are, you probably want me to cite my sources. Well I can’t, because I haven’t found any articles but I assume that the bright writers and journalists of that venerable newspaper have indeed defended this new tax far better than a simple mind like me ever could.

Utusan is like the FOX news of Malaysia, always keeping things fair and balanced with a little bit of tasteful exaggeration here and there. They lessen the burden of the people by telling them directly what they should think and believe. Hence, they have done their job well. This is because whenever people come to me with facts that contradict Utusan I either shout at them until they go away or cover my ears and pretend I can’t hear them.

But even with all these good reasons to implement GST, haters like Tony Pua keep telling the people that GST is “confusing, cumbersome and costly to implement.” What does he know? It’s not like he’s an Oxford degree holder in Economics and all he has are facts and we all know the age of facts has come and gone and now the only way to get your point across is emotional rhetoric. He’s a relic of a bygone age when people were still reasonable and decisions were made based on facts, he has to get with the times and stop hating. Remember, GST is good, and people who disagree are haters and haters gonna hate.

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