Acrostic Poem – Appreciating Friends

by Elycia Lee

As I started my first few months in Sunway, I found myself a family

People who I share similar interests with – we had our chemistry

Perhaps they aren’t the best bunch of friends that you’d like to meet

Rest assured they are good company when you don’t know what to eat

Every Tuesday and Friday night, we have dinners and small talk

Coconut ice cream for dessert, or maybe we go for a short walk

It’s the time spent together that counts, that makes it worth the while

Amazing friends they all are, for them I’d walk a thousand miles

Though here’s where the sad part comes, for one of us is leaving

Everything seems to have changed – less laughter and more crying.

Yesterday we were just together, but today we are apart

Often times we’d tell one another, we’ll have each other in our hearts

Unmistakably people come and go, and suddenly there’s so much regret

Remembering how I never told that friend, “I’m grateful that we met.”

Forever is such a simple word, yet a word that does not last

Right before it’s all too late; I hope you’d say it fast:

I really want to thank you for all the things you’ve said and done

Every moment with you was a blessing, from the day our friendship had begun.

Now as the time has come, we both part ways and I sincerely bid farewell

Don’t you ever forget the story of us – one that you must share and tell.

A piece of advice to everyone out there who is currently reading this poem
Lest you regret of words left unsaid, and end up with both hearts broken

Whatever the number of friends you might have, please show your appreciation

And tell them what they mean to you; how you’re thankful for their contribution

You might think it’s cheesy to suddenly flood your friends with a wave of affection

Saying the words ‘thank you’, I assure you, is always easier than saying a confession.

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