By Chloe
‘I want to be a lawyer when I grow up!’
‘My dream is to become a successful doctor in the future!’
Being a child with big dreams, Aiko had always wanted to be someone successful in the future, be it a doctor, a lawyer or even a scientist. Aiko was in her final year in high school and it would be several months before she graduates.
Day by day, her friends and family asked countlessly about her decision for her future. However, truth to be told, Aiko had yet to make any. Everyday, she would wonder what the future held and what she would become once she stepped out of the walls of her high school.
“Ah man, what am I going to do? There is little time before graduation,” tossing and turning around in bed, she wondered aloud. It was already the beginning of October and there would be entrance examinations to prepare for. Not to mention that graduation was not far off as well. “Well, I guess I will eventually make my decision when the time comes,” She said to herself as she got into bed and fell asleep.
Another day arrived and Aiko was still troubled by the fact that she had not decided on  her future plans. Her parents asked her the same question yet again. Once more, she was not able to give them an answer, leaving both of them slightly disappointed.
It was a weekend so in the end she took a detour to the nearby park after breakfast, her favourite place to be alone. Upon arriving, Aiko took a seat in front of a gushing fountain and thought about what her parents questioned her earlier, her future plans.
After minutes of thinking, Aiko’s mind drifted off to the birds taking flight into the morning sky. Envy and the sense of urgency once again flooded her. “Being a bird would be nice,” She muttered.
Suddenly, a splash could be heard nearby, bringing the dreaming Aiko back to her senses. She quickly rushed over to the source of the splash to help. Thankfully, the fountain was shallow and the person who fell into it would not drown.
“Are you alright?” Aiko asked as she offered the blonde-haired casualty her handkerchief who had his head down the entire time.
“Yeah, I am fine, thanks for your-” The stranger looked up as he heard her voice but stopped midway as soon as Aiko got closer.
“Are you hu-,” When Aiko was able to see his face, her jaw dropped. Staring back at her was a pair of green eyes that were equally surprised as her. However, the main shock was that she was looking at someone who shared a similar face as her despite having different coloured eyes and hair. Not to mention a different gender too!
(To be continued)

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