by Tiffany Hoo
It is a fact, no doubt, that music is an intrinsic part of our lives. There is as much music in our lives as there are people in this world. Hence, there is also a diversity of music to which we listen in our everyday lives. However, with such a variety of music existing, there will be disagreements on which genre is the best.
Have you ever judged anyone for their taste in music? Or questioned the beauty of another genre of music someone else enjoys listening to? Well, this may be because our personal music preference reveals our personality difference. Think of it this way: since you were born, music can be heard from just about anywhere. Whether it’s from listening to the radio or hearing music blaring through the streets, the music you’ve grown up with is somewhat the soundtrack of your life. Your musical make-up, so to say. It is something which defines you and makes you, you!
Whether you’re a staunch believer in the rock and roll genre or a person who finds solace in classical ballads, the music you like is a reflection of your personality and we’ve narrowed this down to a few categories. Which one are you, you might ask? Well, see for yourself.

  1. Jazz

Advocates of the jazz genre are often regarded as intelligent and smart individuals. They also have a liberal mindset and are not easily influenced by others. They prefer to go their own paths and be who they are, not bothering to show pretences to those around them. They are also adventurers at heart and are often up to any challenges you throw at them.

  1. Heavy Metal

Hard-core heavy metal fans are often looked down upon due to their supposedly ‘violent’ preference in music. Although it is true that those who like the genre may be prone to social dominance and may be aggressive in getting things done their way, they are also often free-spirited and athletic as well.

  1. Ballads

You know you love ballads when John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ strikes you to your very core. Ballad lovers are often sensitive people who get emotional easily. They have no need to hide under a façade as they have no problem expressing themselves to others. However, often times emotions get the best of them and are unable to stay calm when facing a dilemma.

  1. Rock and roll

If you are a fan of the ever famous ‘Beatles’, you’ll know very well the beauty of rock and roll. Rock and roll fans are often enthusiastic people who are energetic and will strive tirelessly for what they believe in, making sure their efforts come to fruition.

  1. Hip Hop

This genre of music finds fans mostly amongst athletic people such as dancers, who enjoy expressing themselves through music and dance. Extroverts who can adapt themselves in almost any situation, hip hop lovers enjoy having a sense of freedom without feeling restricted.
Nevertheless, regardless of how different our taste in music may be, music is the bridge that is capable of linking us together. It transcends the boundary of distance and language, bringing us closer to one another and connecting our hearts together.

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