Tea. Oh wait no, you can’t have “tea”, you’re on a diet remember? Tea? All you’re allowed is 3 square meals a day (+ exercise).
Elephant, pig, sloth…… call me names, I don’t really care for you’ll never truly understand my love for food.
May the force be with you”, as quoted by my gym instructor. An amazing individual who unfortunately thinks that I have the strong willpower to resist junk food. Too bad, I can’t do it, more like “May the calories be burnt off from you”.
Plastic Barbie dolls, what is the stigma of being thin? We all say that we are liberal open-minded people who can accept who you are regardless of your body shape without ever judging you. Yeah right.
To hell with it, I’m going to eat that cheesecake. With my chin held defiantly up, I marched straight towards the lazy Susan, ready to devour that decadent piece of heaven.
Au revoir diet plan. It’s just me and this paradise-like crunchy-crusted creation. Nothing can and will ever come between us.
Terrible little thing you are, Mr. Cheesecake, look what you have done to me? What happened to the once cute little freckled girl? Well, she’s still here now, perhaps just slightly more……balloon-ish.
Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity while sitting under an apple tree. An apple, food, proving that food creates geniuses. Now who dares defy that?
Oh no, don’t waggle that finger at me and say that this is nonsense.
No, I stand proud here today to stake my claim in saying that we are allowed to eat whatever our hearts’ desire and don’t anyone dare to judge us.
STOP. Stop the mental stigma of body types. Remember, eat whatever you want and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!

Disclaimer: The author is not encouraging everyone to eat everything until reaching the extent of neglecting your health. Your health always comes first. This odd poetry was to create an awareness of not judging others based on their appearances and not to eat your life away. Thank you.

By: June

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