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Written by Jessica Lau Hui Zhen


There are days she glides through the halls

Her soul carried on a heavy two-way street

It was when the sneers and calls

That she wasn’t quite the one for everyone


He walks on an empty street to go home

No place to call home, outweighed by sorrows

Gun shots, blood , murder ; frightened by his own flaws

Too scared for the truth to be burnt


He lies down on bed

Guns and Roses t-shirt and makeup on

All pretty but too afraid to tell a soul

Fragile hearts but thinking there’s a living monster in him


Before sleep he lights up a cigarette

Perched on a window ledge

Sucking in the smoke of doubt

Ready for deep sleep. Happily unconscious.


“A” looked into the mirror

There she sees daddy’s girl , unknown boy

Tears rolling down ; broken

His blood singing in her ; her blood stinging

No one to hear her scream.



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