By Tiffany Hoo
When I was younger, the world was a fascinating place. Many would think that a young child is unable to comprehend the environment around them. However, believe when I say that a child may be more perceptive of his surroundings then you could ever imagine. Even as a kid, the sounds and smells I picked up were a source of awe to me and enticing to say the least. But what attracted me the most was probably the vibrant sights and colours that caught my young eyes. Wherever I went, my sense of sight was stimulated and it transformed what would have been a monochromatic life into something so lively.
However, amongst the spectrum of colours my eyes have laid upon, the colour red has always been one to pique my interest. The colour of blood and fire, as I have often referred to it, has a wide array of meanings. Interestingly enough, the colour red would have been a perfect representation of one’s character at a certain point of time.
When we talk of romance and passion, we think of the colour red don’t we? After all, it is a norm for Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love itself, to be filled with all things red, be it hearts, roses and presents. However, the colour red means so much more than that. It connotes not only feelings of love, but desire as well. Such desire not only extends to a loved one, but to one’s self as well. The desire and determination to find happiness for one’s self can be represented by the intensity of the colour red.
Some would even say that red is daring, determined, energetic and aggressive. Red connotes not only physical energy and strength, it is also a symbol of confidence. Scientific research has proven that the colour red is linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival and self-preservation. Hence, it is often associated with anger as this emotion is one of our most inherent features.
Have you ever wondered why most flags are spotted with the colour red, be it by a small amount or large amount? In reality, red represents power and courage in facing and adversity. It symbolizes one’s bravery to fight for what he believes in, even if he ‘shed tears and blood’ to achieve that purpose.
The cupid and the devil, is often a description for the colour red as this intense colour is packed up with emotions ranging from sweet, passionate love to anger and violence. It is a stimulating colour that represents excitement, enthusiasm and high levels of energy.
In short, colour undoubtedly has a significant impact on our emotions, our perceptions, and our spiritual and physical well-being. Often, your favourite colour is a true reflection of who you are deep within.  But it is up to one’s own interpretations to decipher the mysteries in discovering one’s true self.

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