It’s 2 days past Christmas, and I’m sure that all the presents have been opened by now (If you have received them. I, for one, did not receive any Christmas presents and I’m still sad about it). How did your Christmas go? ECHO’s writers have been assigned to write about Christmas in general, what they associate this word with, et cetera. So here goes.

PRESENTS! FOOOODDDD!!!!! And lets not forget family and a nice cup of hot chocolate..
By: Christopher Liew

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! For me, Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year, as Christmas spirit has just the power to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Be it the catchy, cheerful Christmas songs, the tempting presents under the Christmas tree or merely a lovely dinner with all your family members and a heart-warming talk around the dining table, Christmas seems to always bring about happiness and a sense of warmth to your heart. Recently, Christmas has become such a lovable holiday that even non-Christians such as myself celebrate it. It has evolved into a festive season to celebrate togetherness, and not just the birth of Jesus. So this year on December 25th, put on some Christmas songs, gather your friends and families, and enjoy a wonderful day without the stress and worries of work or school! 🙂
By: Merissa Tan Li Ying

Christmas has always been the season for giving and being grateful. However lately, thanks to social media, Christmas has become a festive holiday where people showcase their instagrammable food porn, crazy Christmas ornaments or able to be that perfect hostess throwing an amazing turkey dinner without a hair flying in place. It seems that most people are too caught up photographing and filtering their seemingly “perfect” world for everyone to see (and secretly making them jealous) when uploading it on social media. They forgot the true meaning for this magical holiday season: Being grateful for everyone who loves you unconditionally. So this Christmas season, put down your phones at the dinner table, I know you can’t resist snapping photos of that succulent spread in front of you #lovingchristmas #foodporn #alliwantforchristmasisfood but put it down and see the true magical moment unveiling right in front of you. 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!
By: June Ong

Tis the season to be jolly! Everyone, including non Christians, may know that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, I bet that you did not know that the Christmas we all know and love today was only truly invented in the 19th century. In the early days of Christianity, followers of Christ did not even celebrate Christmas. In fact, there was no mention of the date, 25th of December in the entire bible. A long and weary debate over which date was Christ really born was dragged on for decades. In the end, December 25th became the chosen one as it coincided with other pagan holidays at the time.
Spoiler alert! Santa Claus is not real either. He was modelled after Saint Nicholas of Myra who would give out presents to little kids. The image of Santa was altered throughout the years, but when Coco-cola advertised Santa adorned in red and white on their Christmas calendar, the image stuck.
I never wondered much about why we celebrated Christmas when I was a kid. Ever since I found out the truth, the holiday has never been the same again. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.
By: Clinton Wee Yuan

Christmas has long lost its actual meaning. The 25th of December is not the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ, but it is called Christmas because it’s a day celebrated to rejoice His birth. For Christians, they believe Christ died for the sins of mankind and through Christ’s death, they can be saved of their sins so they may reconcile and have eternal life with God. It has now been taken over by reindeers, snowmen, Santa with presents and Christmas shopping sales. Nevertheless, everyone – Christian or not, still enjoys Christmas, because holiday and great songs, right?
By: Elycia Lee

Whenever Christmas approaches, I feel a sense of warmth and comfort deep in my heart. Many might think of the festive gifts and abundant feasts which are synonymous with the yuletide season when they think of Christmas, but to me, the festival goes beyond those. Christmas, to me, means being able to spend time with my family and friends, as we bond over our love for the festive season. It is during this season that we learn to appreciate the love for our dear family and friends, something we more often neglect especially in this busy and modern age. The camaraderie that we have cast aside throughout our busy days are rediscovered as we come together for Christmas. Hence, for this festive season, give thanks for all life has given you and make the most of the moments with your loved ones. 🙂
By: Tiffany Hoo

The best thing about Christmas? It really REALLY brings everyone together. I mean, yeah, sure we say that about all the other festivals; Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali among others, but Christmas brings everyone together in a different way. Not in a way that open houses or excessive food does. It’s more like in this gathering and time when people just think about getting a certain someone a present or taking them out to dinner. Christmas makes you want to show appreciation to people, like thanking them for doing something or being there for you. That’s what Christmas feels like to me. I don’t think Deepavali makes me want to appreciate people. Well yes admittedly it makes me crave murruku and mutton but it doesn’t make me think about thanking someone or feel grateful about what I have. Christmas, somehow, is different.
By: Haritha

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