Astrology with Echo: Leo Season

It’s Leo season (July 23 – August 22), baby! And we all know what that means, it’s time to channel our inner Beyoncé, wear our brightest red lipstick and stay fierce. This season, it’s all about the fire, fire, fire. It’s the time to hustle hard,  manifest all our hopes and dreams, and turn them into reality.


As we all expected, Leo’s Ruling planet is The Sun, and their astrological symbol (below), represents a lion’s head and mane.


The Sun is the most important planet in the chart, and symbolises one’s own self and vitality. That is why leos are assertive and self assured. Their vivacious spirit is evident in how they carry themselves – they know what they want and they’re not afraid to go out there and get it. As Leo is a fixed sign, they’re not swayed easily and have tendencies to be very stubborn and hard headed. 

Being a Leo definitely has its perks. Since they’re represented by The Sun, their ruling planet can never go in retrograde (lucky!) and so, they’re renowned for their stability and honesty. You’ll never see a Leo half-ass anything. With every endeavour they undertake, Leos put their heart and soul into it. If there was a “Who is the most likely to succeed” poll for the celestial stars, Leos would definitely, without a doubt, take the win. 

In tarot, Leos are ubiquitous for their strength and bravery. Just like lions, Leos love to see their loved ones succeed, but often let their hubris get in the way, and they may feel threatened. It’s important to remind them that others’ success doesn’t in any way dim their own. 


Just like all the stars, Leos have their faults too. They can be extremely territorial and possessive of their things, and even in relationships (much like a lion). When it comes to a Leo’s pride and ego, it is better to leave them unchallenged and unbruised. Leos are competitive by nature and will go to great lengths to claim what’s theirs and win. They like to stay in control and may dominate those around them. That is why they have a hard time being a team player. 

Moving onto their more positive and optimistic traits, because of their ambition and drive, Leos are natural born leaders. They can be very charismatic and that is one of the reasons why people tend to flock towards them. Another thing, you won’t find anyone that’s more loyal than a Leo. Loyalty runs through their veins. 

  1. Love and Relationships
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Leos are passionate and sincere and find it natural to express their feelings openly and honestly. When a Leo is in love, they are a fun, faithful, generous and considerate partner. They naturally take on the role of the leader in the relationship and habitually end up calling all the shots as they heavily lean on their initiative and have a custom of staying independent. This can be notably exhausting for their partners to bear sometimes, especially if they begin imposing their will too strongly. 

Every Leo ought to find a partner who is reasonable and self-aware. A similar intellectual level is also advised as that may be a barrier if absent. A Leo partner also has to be confident and willing to communicate their thoughts and feelings without feeling overwhelmed or overpowered by their Leo partner, if not a Leo’s Sun may well burn their partner’s shine.

The best romantic partner options for a Leo is no surprise, Aries, Geminis, Libras, and Sagittarius. With these signs, Leos are able to achieve high quality intimacy, intellectual and emotional understanding, trust, and communication. Aside from this, they share similar values and have a lot in common!

  1. Friends and Family

Leos are giving, and loyal friends. With their natural-born dignity and sense of commitment to individual and personal values, they often feel the urgency to help those in need, even if it costs them most. 

As strong and reliable individuals, they have the ability to attract nearly every type of crowd and have the spirit to host and plan events and celebrations that eventually bring people together and that happens to bring the best versions of themselves. With the heightened self-esteem and awareness, they acquire from social interactions, Leo’s are seldom alone. With that said, they do find difficulties in maintaining friendships as many people can’t stay on track and keep up with their high energy lifestyles.


When it comes to family, Leos don’t pay that much attention, especially when there’s nothing to fix or take care of. As they are naturally independent beings, they tend to turn to themselves if they are struggling in any way. This does not, however, mean that Leos are not proud of their families. In fact, it is the opposite. Leos are incredibly protective and proud of their families and ancestries. They will stand by them through thick and thin.

Leos may be able to find a potential best friend figure in either Geminis or Aries. This is because they share similar values, and have a lot of common interests! Besides this, they have good intellectual understanding as well as healthy communication between them.

  1. Wealth and Career

Leos are extremely energetic and they always try to keep themselves busy. They are ambitious and creative creatures that are extremely dedicated to their work. They never do anything half-way. 

The best job for a Leo is to be their own boss or to manage people with as much freedom as possible from their superiors. Careers that permit artistic expression like the performing arts, are the ideal routes for Leos. Management, education and politics are also very suitable for Leos as it puts them in leadership positions, which naturally fits them best. 


Aside from this, Leos tend to be less responsible with their money, as they find it easy to give away to others and overspend on unnecessary things. So if you’re a Leo, maybe it’s time to get some help managing your finances, or even better, learn to be more financially pragmatic to overcome this issue yourself!

The best people to work with, for Leos, are Saggitarius and Aries. This is because the trust between them will be strong and Leos will have good communication and a mutual understanding with these signs. 

Overall, it’s safe to say that the best matches for Leos in general are Aries, Geminis and Sagittarius.

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We’ve finally come to the end of another instalment of Astrology with Echo, folks. With that being said, we do hope that most of you are now formidably well-informed about the traits and life aspects of a Leo. Also, feel free to take on our quiz to determine how much of Leo you really are!

By Nabilah Hassan and Shay Azman


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