Having survived the hectic year of 2015, we now welcome 2016 with crossed fingers and hope that this year will be kinder towards us all. As we usually do during the beginning of a new year, we had our writers list down a few of their new year resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions! At the start of every year, we set a bunch of these and aim to accomplish them by the end of the year. The degree of these resolutions vary from person to person, some may be as ambitious as buying a house, achieving a certain grade in school; others may be as simple as spending more time with their families, or allocating a little time for reading every day. For the year 2016, my resolution will be to treat everyone, including strangers and especially my parents with more love, patience and kindness. It is a known fact that we are often nice to strangers, but are impatient or rude to our own families. This is something that I sadly admit I am guilty of, so that will be what I want to improve myself on throughout 2016! That’s my New Year’s resolution, what’s yours? 🙂
By: Merissa Tan Li Ying

-Improvements on Photography skills
-Improve on writing skills
-Find my motivation to go on
By: Christopher Liew

Every year, I tell myself: “Okay, so next year, you’re going to be more hardworking than last year so you can get better grades, you’ll be less lazy and no more procrastination!” then I attempt to make a schedule, but nope, after a month, I fail to follow my own schedule and the cycle of procrastination repeats. Hence, for the new year, 2016, my resolutions will be different. Whether or not I become more hardworking, I believe that it boils down to my determination to improve my time management. But I also know that I will fail once again, no doubt, so maybe I should improve on other things. For myself in 2016, I hope to do everything without regrets, to learn from every struggle I face instead of breaking down, to give thanks for everything good or bad, and to give glory to God for everything I do. Make sure I still enjoy good food and good company despite entering my busiest, most stressful semester. Last but not least, to write better!!
By: Elycia Lee

Every year I vow to lose some weight but every time I reach for that packet of chips, I’ll remind myself “next time”. That is why for the coming year, I will not vow to stop eating chips but instead, I’ll lead a healthier lifestyle aka do more (and I mean lots and lots more) of exercise to compensate for my binge eating. Witnesses, I solemnly swear I will uphold this oath for the coming year… (when you’re looking ahemmmm).
By: June Ong

2016 is going to be an exciting year. A new year always brings new opportunities to those who seek them. Not forgetting surprises along the way. So keep your head up and face the New Year with joy!
By: Shern

Many may scoff at the idea of having a new year’s resolution. After all, isn’t it typical for one not to fulfill their new year’s resolution every single year? But to me, a resolution is more than a hope for the new year. It’s a promise to yourself to achieve something you hold onto strongly. It’s not something you need to prove to others in order for it to be successful, what matters the most is that you believe that you tried your very best in order to achieve that goal you set for yourself! It’s a measure of your determination and willpower to realize your ambitions! So, even if you do not achieve something you had hoped to fulfill, there is no need to fret, because as long as you continue to persevere, there is no such thing as a failure. There are merely second chances! (next year, perhaps?) 🙂
By: Tiffany Hoo

Reach out and soar,
Explore and learn more.
Spread your wings and fly,
Onto the next stage.
Light and dark, love and hate,
Uncontrollably resonates.
Tales of the past told,
Inevitable, until you go cold.
On we go to a new year,
Nobody waits, nothing halt.
So, march on and move on.
By: Chloe Kong

A new year, a new you! That is the whole idea of new year resolutions, but I somehow doubt the efficiency of this concept. Many have been known to dump their resolutions halfway through January, some more strong-willed souls may even last till February. So what is it with New Year resolutions and why are they so hard to maintain?
For starters, it’s become more of a social obligation to have a new year resolution and to share it with the world. Most people do not even want to change, but just cannot resist the attention they get when others are cheering them on to finally quit smoking. There is also zero accountability in this tradition. When someone breaks their resolution, they just keep quiet about it as everyone else forgets about it. Believe me, if Facebook could call someone out for not sticking to their New Year resolutions, people would be much more careful when setting their resolutions.
By: Clinton Wee Yuan

Every year on the first of January (more like 31st of December) people come up with a bunch of things they feel they wanna do or achieve or fix. But how many of us really follow everything on that list and see that it’s completed? 5% of the world’s population? Maybe. Honestly guys, there really is no point making a fake list of things you don’t want to do because you actually hate it but you just want to fit in and follow this ‘tradition’ to make a list. However with that being said, a resolution is a great way to start the year. It’s like giving the year a purpose. How about a little advice?It might be a good idea to have just one general resolution. As an example, instead of setting resolutions like “I’m going to go to the gym.” or “I’m going to go on a diet or give up mamak food (which is utter rubbish with the number of mamaks we have in this country; cravings will kill you before your diet does.).”, make it something like “I’m going to eat healthy.” or “I’m going to TRY some activities.” Don’t focus on only one way to achieve something, because when you do that, you might feel like it’s hard to achieve the said goal and you’ll forget about it within weeks because it’s simply too difficult to keep up or you perhaps you just stopped caring. So Have ONE important resolution, be GENERAL and maybe for once in your life you might actually fulfill your new year’s resolution.
By: Haritha

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