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“If you can dream it, you can do it”
These are the words lived by Walt Disney, a pioneer of the American animation industry. In doing so he has created one of the world’s most beloved movie franchises for kids and adults. It all started when Walt Disney decided to animate a pet mouse known as Mickey Mouse and transform it into a cartoon character that all children around the world could relate to. Then he expanded his creative ideas and generated more animated shows and movies we all love to this day.
No matter how old or busy we are, everyone makes time to watch their favourite Disney movies (I say movies because lets be real we don’t just have one favourite movie). Walt Disney has incorporated so many life lessons in all his movies and shows whose objectives weren’t merely to entertain but to also remind us of universal truths that we often forget.
My personal favourite being The Lion King, portrayed many obvious and hidden messages. In The Lion King, the creators did not veil Mufasa’s death, which still affects me personally might I add, from the children that were watching it but rather told them that death is a part of the circle of life. Let’s not forget the words of our true gurus of life, Timun and Pumba, who told us to live our lives to the fullest without worries-Hakuna Matata!

Hakunamatata~ Gif Source:

Then there is Mulan. Not a typical run of the mill princess but a warrior. She pushed ahead despite great adversities to honour her family and made China proud by believing in herself and her capabilities. Her motivation did not merely stem from perseverance and defying the odds but also from being around Shang who was without a doubt good looking. Let’s not forget Mushu, the dragon-lizard-thingy, which brought in his own humour as well as proved to the ancestors that small is indeed powerful especially when you set your mind to achieving a goal. Mulan was definitely one of Disney’s movies which advocate women empowerment.

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Aside from the incorporation of moral values, Hercules another creation by Walt Disney taught children about Greek mythology. Not all of them were historically apt however this movie urged many to actually read up on Greek mythology – it definitely sparked my interest. Most of his movies and shows also taught everyone around the world to LOVE. Whether it was falling in love with a totally random stranger at first sight (Sleeping Beauty) or loving your family no matter what form they come in (Tarzan). Love conquered all trials and tribulations in Disney movies and shows!

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Last but not least one movie that leaves an impact on everyone is Peter Pan, the boy that never grew up! The message in this movie is poignant to all adults – getting old is something we cannot avoid and that growing up is a choice. No matter what age we are we should always embrace the inner child in us.

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All the movies created by Walt Disney over the last 90-100 years evoke different emotions and perceptions each time we watch a particular movie over and over again. As a child his movies reflect good triumphing over evil but when we watch them as adults we realise that his movies reflect mature and deep themes. So what are you waiting for? Go grab a snack and ‘Netflix and chill’ one of his movies!


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