Sports and Sleep: A bubbly sport event

Written by Chloe Kong
Photographs taken by Christopher Liew

A pre-event before the actual campaign, Need For Sleep. This event is not your average sport. With Bubble in its name, it could be mistaken as a sport that is gentle and interesting but on the contrary, it is just the opposite. If you are in for a rough and tough sport, this could be the sport just for you.

Snugly strapped in a bubble or a hamster ball, the participants are required to team up with four other players. The team would have to choose one teammate as the team’s marker. Similar to the American Football’s touchdown, the marker would have to “touchdown” on the opposite side of the playing field. The remaining players would act as the defender or attacker of the team by bumping into the opponents or slowing the other team’s marker in their path.

Nevertheless, it was a thrilling event. Here, we managed to ask several participants and the supervisor, Mr Suffian about the event.



Question to the participants:

What made you join the event and what do you think of it?

Sam Khoo: I was invited by a friend. It was really fun and tiring.

Zi Qin: It is scary because the guys are rough but it is fun.

Nabila: I was invited by a friend but it was okay.

Wen Wen: Not bad, but it seems dangerous though.

Zafwan: I initially joined to fill up the spaces. It is really tiring but really really fun.

Alireza: I joined it to be with friends. I think it is interesting. Joining these kind of games once in awhile is fun.



Question to Mr. Suffian: 

As the supervisor of the campaign, what made you support the students idea? Seeing as how the sport is rough and all that.

For starters, it is a fundraising event. I personally think that it can add in spice and make things interesting. Plus, it can also give an outlook about sleep. How important sleep is and its core relation it is to exercise. However, the event is a double axe sword. For one, it acts as a fundraising event for the actual campaign in June and it also creates the buzz that acts as a publicity for the campaign.


————————————————————————–Overall, the sports was pretty rough and intense, especially when the players collided with each other. Injuries here and there could be found but at the end of the day, the players had fun in all good cause

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