Clubs & Societies Mini Recruitment Week (27th & 28th Feb 2018)

Written by Wai Wai

Edited by Varshini Vijayakumar


If you are a Sunway-ian, you will most probably be familiar with this event which happens three times annually. One is known as C&S Mini Recruitment Week and the other two are known as C&S Carnival. These events give various clubs and societies the opportunity to promote their clubs to students while allowing new members to join their clubs. On the 27th and 28th of February, the Boulevard was flooded with curious, energetic and adventurous students who were excited to explore more about the clubs and societies. There were a total of 26 clubs and societies which set up their booths to recruit new members to the club.



While passing through the booths, you can sense the effort and time each club and society put in to ensure the success of the event. Many booths planned interactive activities to attract and engage with the students. Some creative ideas included playing instruments to attract attention, having a treasure hunt game to win cookies, selling popsicles and yoghurts, testing computer games, presenting nicely decorated posters and giving out flyers which allowed people to gain a deeper understanding of their respective clubs. The faces were full of excitement as people passed by the Boulevard area. You could feel their passion and dedication towards the bodies that they were involved. This spirit has been the biggest motivation for students to join a club or a society.


Another striking part of this event other than the booth activities were the performances and activities that were happening on the stage at the end of the Boulevard. The poor location did not stop the crowd from walking towards it. On the first day of CnS, there was a Livewire which consisted of seven groups of representatives from Sunway Music Society. The performers had successfully hyped up the atmosphere with their phenomenal show. The remaining time was allocated to Sunway Esports Club for their Video Game JUST DANCE Competition and free-for-all. Students demonstrated their interest and proactively participated in this competition. The contest was brought forward to the second day of CnS Carnival as well.


Apart from the activities happened during the day, there were also activities going on in the evening. The new initiative taken for this CnS Carnival was the segregation of exhibition for the sports and non-sports club. All of the sports clubs were given the opportunity to gather in the field in the evening from 5pm to 8pm to welcome those who are interested in discovering their hidden sports potential. This new initiative benefited the students a lot as they were given the chance to directly experience the sports.

BBQ + Chill Gathering (28th Feb 2018)


The festive atmosphere did not just stop there! This two-day event came to an end with a BBQ + Chill Gathering organized by Student LIFE on the second day of CnS Carnival. The purpose of this gathering was to show appreciation to the clubs and societies leaders, those who contributed during the recruitment and those who poured in efforts for the past year. By being a part of clubs and societies, we show our gratitude to ensure the smoothness of our operation and the stability of our growth. Needless to say, the most important backbone is Student LIFE which aims to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging environment outside the classroom.


As a college or university student, we are gifted the freedom to manage and allocate our own time. By having the privilege to do so, we should have placed ourselves in the clubs and societies that we truly feel connected to so we are able to gain various exposure, to learn about working in a diverse team and to have fun outside our academy. Be involved, be engaged. You will only feel and undergo the experience after being personally involved in it.


“If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

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