Clubs & Societies Week (September 2017)

Written by: Varshini Vijayakumar and Xiang Xi

Edited by:  Ms. Amanda Chong


“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- is a well known proverb that is established in everyone’s mind from a young age. It clearly conveys the importance of extracurricular activities in helping students to explore their interests and harness their soft skills. In Sunway University, the proverb is pleasantly demonstrated as most of the students are actively involved in different clubs and societies. The “Clubs and Societies Week” is held biannually in both the college and university to attract newly joined students to sign up. It is common to notice enchanting booths and attractive performances around the area as each club strives its best to promote itself during the week.

The semiannual “Clubs and Societies Week” of 2017 was organized last week (5th Sept – 7th Sept), targeting August intake students. The event occurred on a gigantic scale as more than fifty booths were shown up by different clubs such as sport clubs, student leadership bodies, business clubs and many more. Along the way from Sunway University to Sunway College, the buildings were filled with chatter, laughter and tittle-tattle. Students displayed a lot of excitement and curiosity towards their interested clubs and societies. It was definitely a lively scene to see as all the surroundings were spirited and enlivening.

As we walked to the foyer, the sound of drums filled the air as Sunway Chinese Cultural Society started teaching students to play the drums. A crowd soon gathered and students from different cultures and backgrounds got the opportunity to play the drums. One of the members of the Sunway Chinese Cultural Society started teaching the students by playing a particular sequence and asking them to play it after them.The participants were also asked to make a sound while playing the drums so that they can experience the thrilling effect while playing the drums.

There were four stages in the game and in Stage 4, the last participant was expected to memorize the drum sequence and repeat it. The last stage was considerably difficult compared to the previous stages. The difficulty rating would have been around ⅗. The final round started with the member showing the finalist the sequence. There was a moment of anxiety in the air as we waited to see the outcome of this game. Will the finalist make it? Will he win the grand prize? The member struck the drum and played the drum sequence. It was time. The moment we had all been waiting for had come. The finalist gave his first attempt. The rhythm was out. He took a deep breath, focused on the rhythm and tried again. Although there was a lack of confidence, he still managed to get the sequence right! He did it and was rewarded with a 1997 bracelet.

Following that was another game consisting of twenty people.They were asked to play a game that is pretty much similar to “Charades”, where some people had to enact actions while the others were the guessers. Some of the questions were complicated and hard for the players to act out. For instance, one of the question was “cheating in a test” and the players had the audience in hysterics. Everyone burst out with laughter by their sidesplitting antics. There were other activities organized by the club such as skipping rope, tongue twister and flash mob. All activities were well-prepared, eye-catching, and refreshing, especially the high school themed flash mob performance that made everyone smile in reminiscence.

The energy and enthusiasm of cheerleaders, the kindness and affection of the student volunteers, the professionalism and reliability of student councils, the spirit and classics from the martial art clubs, the harmony and gracefulness of choir as well as all the remaining clubs and societies are all the aspects that made “Clubs and Societies Week” a completion. It was really a lovely thing to see students contributing ideas, creativity, and effort to make Sunway’s clubs and societies a great one! Sunway students carry on hustling and bustling!

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