“Thrills and Chills” – Halloween Carnival

Written by Cindy Banun


The “Thrills and Chills” Halloween Carnival was organized by Sunway University Marketing Society (SUMS). The event was held at Jeffrey Cheah Hall on 20th of October from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Tickets to this event were sold for RM 15 for early birds and RM 20 for walk-in horror enthusiasts.

Upon entering the hall, visitors were plunged into a world of red to set the atmosphere for a spooky Halloween event. In the background, Halloween music played softly from the speakers. Those who arrived later were welcomed with screams coming from the haunted house which was situated right next to the entrance. Of course, as with Halloween tradition, there were candy masters going about with a Jack-O-Lantern buckets full of sweets to be given out. However, instead of saying: “Trick or treat”, visitors were required to recite the correct “magic words” to the candy masters. These “magic words” were given to each person on lucky draw tickets which were included as a door gift to visitors. The tickets also came with vouchers for establishments such as The Roof, SCORE, Stratosphere and PLAY at First Avenue, Bandar Utama.

There were a few game stations available for visitors’ amusement as well. Such as completing dares, shooting at “ghosts” and an obstacle challenge in order to score points. Visitors were told that they would receive a mystery prize if they are able to collect the most points at one station. Various performances were held throughout the duration of the event such as dancing and singing from different talents. Visitors were also able to help themselves to the food stands situated at the side of the hall with the purchase of a food coupon.

The participants’ excitement could be clearly reflected in the long lines leading to the Haunted House. This is because it was the main attraction of the event, and visitors were promised a chilling experience well worth their money. Before entering the Haunted House, visitors were given a torchlight and were explained the rules and regulations that they were required to comply to. The trip into the Haunted House included a ghosts, ghouls, zombies and all manners of undead at every corner, designed to scare the visitors in the dark covers of the fabric walls.

In conclusion, “Thrills and Chills” was a good way of having a good time with friends without spending too much money.

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