Written by: Alexandra Goh


I see her standing in front of the mirror

combing her long straight hair,

And I am hardly able to believe

that the day has finally come.


I see her packing her belongings

with her suitcase wide open,

Piles of clothes stacked neatly inside

along with her favourite teddy bear.


I see old polaroids aligning her bedroom walls,

And dusty photo frames lined up along the shelves,

All bearing cherished moments,

Now a distant memory.


I see her walking towards the bus station,

dragging her heavy suitcase along.

She turns back around slowly,

Eyes brimming with tears.


I see her run towards my outstretched arms,

And I hold her tightly, never wanting to let go.

But deep down inside I knew I eventually had to,

And so I did.


I see the silhouette of her bus growing smaller and smaller

As it drives into the far-off distance.

A tear trails down my cheek,

And I finally wave goodbye to my little girl.


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