Written by: Mugilaa Selvaraja



Why take away the life that lies on your very hands

When all life has to offer is a mystery waiting to unravel and surprise you at every turn

Laughs that could make your stomach ache

Cries which swallows up your chest

Moments that makes the time stop

Shoulders that show you are not alone

Love is so beautiful and life is filled with it

All you have got to do is choose

Choose to see love alone in life


Now all of life is not a fairy tale

Love is not all there is

Don’t be betrayed when hatred , jealousy and enmity all swings along the chaos

They bury you in the line called balance that doesn’t take you to the other end of the track but only shows you that you are human and life is what it is

It comes with all the ugliness and beauty

Embracing it for the way it is  structured is life

While questioning it only leads to more questions

Not an answer as time is ultimately the only answer



It throws you back into the past and to the thoughts of the future

The past is simply a book filled with memories and lessons

The future is filled with the uncertain

Present is all you have got

As that is what it takes to change what is coming

So seize the day my friend

Take it where it goes

Find a space for you to begin with

To live this gift of life your way

For you will one day realize your life can be written in your own words

As control over it and your thoughts is all it ever takes



Mugilaa Selvaraja

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