A Tragic Love Affair

By Alexandra Goh

You knew me, and I knew you

So young were we that it simply felt

That anything was possible

And it was just you and me against the world

No one to stop us, no one telling us what to do

So what went wrong?


It’s funny isn’t it

How every little detail still seems to remind me of you

Even after all these years

I can still feel the warmth of your arms around me

Your soft eyes gazing into my very soul

Making all my worries and doubts melt away.


I love you

Those three little words

That carry so much weight

When exchanged to each other

Everything made sense at that time

And I truly meant all of what I said.


Why did you leave without saying a word of goodbye?

Why did you cut me off without a reason?

And you knew that it hurt me, yet you still did it.

But a tiny flicker of hope still lingers within me,

That you would come back into my life somehow

Even if just for one more day.


And as time goes by,

The unbearable pain that I once felt

From a deep gash edged in my heart

To a hollow numbing ache

But yet it still stays,

Never really going away.


There are those who tell me,

“You deserve better.”

And there are those who say,

“You’ll move on eventually.”

I know their words are true, that I’ll find someone else someday

But that someone will never be you.


Because sometimes

Who we’re meant to be with,

Will not be the one

Who we first give our hearts to

And when you told me that I was your first love,

I just wanted you to know that you were mine too.

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